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Thread: Just wet my pullup while talking to neighbor

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    Default Just wet my pullup while talking to neighbor

    It is my day off and I decided that it would be fun to be in a pull up today. No toilet unless I have to poop. Well it just stopped snowing here so I pulled on some jeans and go shovel. I was just finishing up and was close to needing a change when my neighbor got stuck trying to get out of his drive way. I walked over got behind his van and pushed. I started to pee a little with the force of pushing but not bad. He got to a spot where he had traction and stopped. He got out to thank me and as he was walking the length of his van I started wetting a lot. We chatted a little and just as he was getting back in his van my bladder finished. I turned to walk back to my house as he drove down the road. I hope I didn't have a waddle. lol

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    Yesterday, I was at my friends home and i had diaper on, it was so great to be in public in diaper. How did you feel?

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    I think I went threw it all. Fear, that I would leak. Relief, I peed. And giggly, I had just pee peed and he didn't know.

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    It great to be talking to someone and be causally peeing in your diaper.

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    It sounds like fun. The neighbor was clueless. I never saw a pullup waddle, but it would be cute.

    The other night I got up in the middle of the night to check my fire. I remember thinking I didn't really have to go. I picked up a big log and then started wetting my pullup. I had to carry it to the stove and throw it in while it flowed the whole time. It was big enough that when I tossed it, it went only half way in so I had to grab the poker to maneuver it the rest of the way. By the time that was over I was soaking wet so I ripped the sides and threw it in the fire behind the logs. Then I wiped off a little and went back to bed. I was afraid to turn the light on so I did not put anything else on. I figured if I wet anymore my waterproof pad would come in handy. The next morning my husband was really excited to see I was bare. I wear pullups every time I leave home, but rarely wet them. Usually I am in the restroom before I do wet myself when I am out of the house. Sometimes I wet at the gas station while pumping gas though.

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    when someone wets while chatting...
    always nice to watch the expression on the wetter's face (if any)....
    always nice to know the other is in on what you are doing (wetting) and how much you enjoy your little 'secret'...

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    Quote Originally Posted by chamberpot View Post
    It great to be talking to someone and be causally peeing in your diaper.
    I did this yesterday at work! At one point I changed out of my boring boxer/briefs and undershirt and into an Abena M4 and my Babykins onesie (under my uniform). I unexpectedly ran into a coworker in the hallway and started wetting my diaper while talking with him about his up coming trip. Feels awesome having a conversation with someone while wetting your diaper and they don't have a clue. Wetting my diaper when the urge arises is so second nature to me now I do it while: talking to people, sitting in the car (or movie theature), riding my motorcycle, laying in bed and even when walking down the street. Wetting while walking is a really cool sensation!

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    I usually wet while standing in check out lines. I can't actually wet as I'm talking to someone though so just being in close proximity to others and wetting is still exciting. Also, already having a very soaked diaper while talking to someone is fun too. None the wiser.

    I often buy diapers while about getting lost in the secret, here is a double whammy lol. Not only do they not know they're actually mine, but also that I've got one on that needs changed and thats why I'm even buying them.

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    My wife and daughter both left for work, so I slipped info an Abena Abriflex Premium 3. Daughter returned home about 20 minutes later for some paperwork. Hadn't used my diaper yet, so while we were chatting in the living room I unleashed a nice big pee into my diaper. If show only knew! It felt so very naughty. I have never pee'd in front of the wife, but I have worn in her presence without her knowing.

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    I've never worn in public, but I did wet while laying in bed and on the phone with an interviewer. I've gotten to the point where, if I'm a little distracted, I can wet and not even think about it.

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