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Thread: Thoughts on schools closing due to cold temps?

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    Default Thoughts on schools closing due to cold temps?

    I seen a video on yt earlier today talking about is America getting too soft due to schools closing due to unusually cold temps. Is ensuring safety of kids making everyone soft?

    Can I post a link to yt?

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    I have no problem with schools being closed due to weather conditions. If people are going to put their lives at risk to brave the weather to get there, what's the point? The traffic jams will be crazy, some teacher's might not make it and some parents might just say "no, too dangerous." If you do open it the class might be half it's size without a teacher. In that case no real learning will take place anyway.

    Australia has a similar thing. If our fire danger rating reaches Catastrophic no-one with harvesters and certain power tools are allowed to work due to the fire risk. And all schools close down. If there would be a fire the fire is unstoppable and there's no way to protect the kids.

    Australia used to close schools at 42 degrees celcius, which is hot. Unfortunately, this only happened at about 1pm when schools nearly finished so it was kind of pointless. Only people with stay at home mums got to go home. The rest of us had to swelter. Less of an issue now that most classrooms have air conditioning.

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    I think the environment might be hitting extremes more often, rather than people getting soft.

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    I can speak from experience that sitting in the cold (due to a Fog Delay) at around 20 degrees F (mind you, that's low dreadfully for California)for 2 hours, I got a bit "Irritable" and frozen, same day one of my teachers got in a car accident that same day for driving out in that fog. So no, I would not go as far as to say we are getting soft. Better safe than sorry right? And even then, some felt the pain.

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    Times are different in a number of ways. The information explosion, much of it media driven, has changed how we think and respond. If schools choose to cancel because of weather, it's discussed in the news media, parents and even non-parents write letters to the editors criticizing whatever choice was made. If school isn't cancelled and a child is injured, parents sue the school district. So schools usually err on the side of safety. It's simply better to cancel than have one child or teacher/staff member be harmed.

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    Environmental extremes definitely are here to stay. We've had so many fires and so many big fires this year that we had to fly in firefighters from other states to help. The same thing happened last year. It's the new normal.

    Every heat record is being beaten every year as well. But while we swelter, other people get the opposite and freeze.

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    Some schools don't give students buses if they live close by. I live a quarter mile from my old high school, about a twenty minute walk, and wasn't given a bus. I had to walk to and from school every day, sometimes with wet hair, in temperatures tens and twenties below zero. One day I skipped school because it was legitimately dangerously cold.

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    No one has mentioned the fact at that colder temps children's lungs could be damaged by the extreme cold

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    When sporting events get canceled because there is some ice on the walkways to the stadiums, then I can see actually saying we are getting a bit soft (not saying I'd agree with it). Closing school because it's dangerously cold out? Nah, that is being smart (in really cold but not dangerously so, it'd be cautious but not a bad move.)

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    America is a lot more rural and spread out than many other countries. In cities, oftentimes kids have to walk if they live close enough to the school, because bus services are not provided. In the rural areas, there are kids that have to wait quite some time at their bus stop, or the end of their driveway (because the house is too far away, or positioned incorrectly to see the bus coming from a distance). Waiting outside even a few minutes when it's -5F (-20.5C) and the wind is blowing 35 mph (over 56 kph), which were the weather conditions last Thursday morning here, isn't just cold, it's absolutely dangerous. In addition, not all of these children's families can afford proper clothing to protect them from winter weather. All this has to be taken into consideration when temperatures and wind chills start dipping this low.

    Has nothing to do with going soft and everything to do with being smarter and keeping kids safe. I would say our culture has shifted toward one that is far more safety focused; that probably started happening around the late 70s or so, and really started kicking up in high gear in the last ten years. Again, that's a good thing. A way our society has improved in the past few decades.

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