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Thread: New Attends Dermadry Diapers are hot Pink in size R

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    Default New Attends Dermadry Diapers are hot Pink in size R

    I just received my order of the New Attends Dermadry and they were hot Pink, I can't seem to find what other colors the different sizes are but the Regular size is defiantly pink. I haven't tried them out yet but I will report back.

    I find it strange that Attends hasn't updated their website with the new product line and packaging

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    Is there somewhere that has samples? I dont want to lay down the money for alot of them and then not like them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterPython View Post
    People must be getting fatter if size large is now size regular.
    You'd think this was purely American - but Seni (a European company) has a regular that's 40" to 50" which is odd. It doesn't seem "regular" to me.

    That said - I'm very curious about Attends new offering.

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    Attends thinks they improved their line with DermaDry, but missed the mark on quality. These completely fall apart in minutes in the back where the sides attach to the absorbent panel leaving fluff to fall out everywhere. This is bad design and not worth the money.

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