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Thread: Greetings from a newbie

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    Default Greetings from a newbie

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Chris but most just call me by my nickname, Sigma. I haven't been in the ABDL community for a long time and this is my first time ever posting to a forum like setting.

    Recently I have rediscovered my "little" side and have fully accepted him as a part of me and I can't believe how much better I feel. Up until this year I have been suffering with PTSD/Depression/Anxiety. Medicine didn't work and I was about to lose hope of being happy again when I ordered some new diapers (which I haven't done in a while). After just sitting around in my diapers and just meditating I found my little side, and after that I just let him out to play every now and again. Thanks to this I am feeling happier than I have in a long time and all of my problems have started to go away. My husband is fully aware and accepting of me and my "little time"... he still has a bit of work to do before being a daddy but I love him just for being there for me and supporting me.

    I really don't have a lot to say about myself but I do like answering questions so feel free to ask.

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    Welcome Sigmawolf! That was a great intro. The only question I can think of right now is what do you like to do when not in little mode. For example, I see you like TV. What are some of your favorite shows?

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    Hey zipperless,

    Well I like video games. I have most of the major consoles except ps4 and xbox one, but the majority of my gaming is done on my beast of a desktop. I like action adventure games a lot (uncharted, tomb raider, etc.) but I really like all sorts of games so long as it's fun and engaging. I love to watch movies! I really like films that make you think and question what either the outcome or certain parts of the story are all about (i.e. Inspection, Butterfly effect, Primer, etc.) of course I still love all the cartoon movies you can throw at me. Most of my TV watching these days is primarily through Netflix and Hulu. I love Stargate, Star Trek, really anything sci-fi related I'm sure to like. Last thing I really like to do is snowboard, but I live in FL now and hardly ever have a chance to go home to NY and hit the slopes.

    Thanks for the question :3

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