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    A couple of years ago I spotted the site where they sell these very cute onesies (or onezies as they themselves call them). Using Google to obtain some more information regarding it’s sizes I soon found that their sizes seem a bit off.

    Since I would like to get my money’s worth (don't we all ) I first did some research. According to their size-chart you should measure (with a t-shirt and diapers on) the length by starting at the neckline in the back and pass the tape down between your legs and up to the neckline in front and divide this number in two, which measured for me up to 80cm or 31 ½ inches (Now I do have another onsie from a German company which has the same measurements (80cm) and that one fits very snug).

    Using the size-chart this means I should order a size ‘Small’. But, wait a minute: there's also the shrinkage to be taken into account and using that list, a ‘Medium’ would be better (the length after shrinkage would be 31inches), and so yes, a ‘Medium’ it will be….

    But I am not satisfied with that (remember I mentioned earlier: ‘their sizes seem a bit off’?). Now since I also follow a couple of AB/DL related Tumblrs and I have seen some of them wearing a Baby-pants ‘onezie’ I decided to ask one of them for advice: One of these guys is about the same size as me (length and weight), so I asked him (thanks kiddo ).
    His advice: order an ‘XS’. He ordered a ‘Medium’ himself and that was way to big, even after washing it on high temperature a couple of times. A friend of his also ordered an ‘XS’ and that fit him perfectly.

    So I ordered size ‘XS’ and after a week of anticipation, it arrived (I had to wait until that evening to be able to try it on as I had used my work-address for delivery). Coming home that evening I rushed in and tried them both… To my surprise, they fit (almost perfectly – but I expect that to get better after washing).

    To compare the measurements I laid out both of them as shown on the size chart. According to the shrinkage chart the length of size XS should be 33inches (pre) and 29inches (post) – I measured 35 7/16 inches (pre). Since I haven’t washed them yet, I can’t give the ‘post’ measurements yet, but I think it shows that their information is not very accurate…

    For all of you out there:

    My height: 185cm (6 ft+0,83inches)
    My chestsize: 90cm (35 7/16 inches)
    My waist: 81cm (31 57/64 inches)
    My weight: 65kg (143 lbs)

    I hope this helps some of you….

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