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Thread: haha! this is nice first time sharing ab dis

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    Default haha! this is nice first time sharing ab dis

    First time ever talking about diapers,
    i am a student in the knoxville area looking to meet link minded people here and just have some good convos with real people on the site. I am a straight 20 yr old male. Some of my other hobbies besides being babied and diapered would be thrill seeking, beer/sports, and [Removed]. i have never really talked to anybody about this so any responses would be nice. Hope yall are having a good one!

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    Response? You got one! Welcome to ADISC from a fellow Snivy!

    I love that introduction you made but what else do you do and how did you get into being an ABDL?

    Do you play games? Fly planes for fun? Play sports?

    and for your ABDL side, did you fantasize about being a baby again? Did you stare at a paci and figure out this was who you are?

    Welcome to ADISC.

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    Snivy - I was just reading an interesting thread. I believe for me it was mostly nurture. I had a very good childhood but i was reared young and my parents divorced when i was very young too. I have always remembered having a feels about diapers since around 4-5 yrs old even before i knew what it mean and i not really even the sexual aspect. I continued to stash/ steal diapers from younger cousins and my own closet when it began time to stop wearing. I think most people are this way but I only wet them, i really enjoy the feeling. never messed hah but who knows. I am no way shape for any sort of ped. but i enjoy the AB side as well as the diaper loving portion. I have always hid and never have told anyone about my p.desires although i believe my mother figured out along the way just never said anything. Some of my other hobbies include smoking weed; i am not sure why you mention but as a matter of fact I do fly planes as well as driving a motorcycle.

    - j
    P.S what geographical region are you representing? just curious

    P.S.S been struggling with being able to wear since i am moved back in with my roomates. cool guys tho.
    been wearing a thong all night wishing it was a diaper :S

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    hi Cjon and welcome to the site. I to have like diapers since I was 4-5 year old to.

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