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Thread: Extended/Continuous Diaper wear by choice, what were your experiences?

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    Default Extended/Continuous Diaper wear by choice, what were your experiences?

    Although this is similar to the thread asking how long you've stayed diapered, I'd like to know what your experiences were during a period of extended wear. For example here's what I experienced...
    The longest I've gone is about 2 1/2 days, did both #1 and #2 during which I was mostly at home alone but did venture out some. I tried not to control or time things, just let go when the urge hit. I will say it was quite an eye opening experience into what true incontinence would be like. There were certain aspects (nice wet diaper feeling mostly) that were actually enjoyable but the down sides (#2 smell/cleanup, keeping supplies handy when out) were not so great and gave me at least a partial appreciation for what those that are incontinent have to deal with. Although I do have post urination drips/dribbles and very infrequent night time leaks due to BPH it's nothing compared to true incontinence.
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    I went six weeks late last year, which was my longest 24/7 run so far. Although it was a hassle, I enjoyed it. I kept going until it wasn't a good time on balance. It was an interesting challenge to manage certain aspects of my life around it. Generally, my job is pretty okay for things like that but over the course of weeks there were a couple times I was concerned about keeping it quiet. I had extras with me just in case and some underwear in case I had to abort for some reason but it all worked out okay, and it helped me get rid of some diapers that I really didn't like. Trash management became one of the significant elements and I'm still surprised at how little trash I generate when I'm not wearing at all.

    Although my interest in diapers themselves hasn't gone away from that period of extended wear, it hasn't translated into going to the effort of wearing much since I finished. I feel like it's coming back now and I'll probably be back soon to the once or twice a week that has been more normal for me.

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    Thanks for the great response Trevor, just what I was looking for!

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    I have been diapered / wore plastic underpants with training underwear up to about 3 days (long weekend).

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    I wear 24/7 all the time but not for other smelly purpose rather use potty for morning routine.

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    The hardest part of wearing for a few days straight was not wanting to change. I like a really wet diaper and not needing to shower and dress in big boy clothes at some predetermined time meant that I stayed in my wet diapers as long as I could, which does get a bit smelly and led to some minor leaks. Tempering that would probably be a change I would make in the future.

    Surprisingly, I didn't get diaper rash from that, so I did learn that my skin is okay for wearing a long time.

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    The longest I went was 24 hours. However, I archive the same thing as ArchiRoni.
    When I went that period with the diaper, I had set one basic rule, "Once you start to go, you finish the go". Admittedly, during that time, I did drink abnormally high values of water which for the first time in years brought me near the recommended daily consumption of water. (8 ounces, 8 times). I had wet the Tena Super once, and it held it well for the heavy wetting that it was. But because I was in a WorldofTanks-a-thon at the time, I procrastinated changing and ended up wetting a second time following the rule, and that was when it leaked.

    I do plan at some point to go 24 hours a day for a week at some point to see how I would manage myself under those circumstances. I will report here should it happen.

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    The longest I spent in one diaper was about 24 hours but the longest. The longest I have gone with just wearing diapers has been about a week. During my time I didn't feel like taking them off at anytime and my interests stayed strong while I was wearing them. I did thoroughly enjoy myself the whole time I was diapered. I would like to try 24/7 at some point for at least if not longer to see how it goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    Trash management became one of the significant elements and I'm still surprised at how little trash I generate when I'm not wearing at all.
    yeah. I wore 24/7 for two weeks while the rest of my family was gone and that part caught me by surprise. I remember the trash can being extremely heavy wheeling it out to the curb. I actually forced myself to start putting off my morning change until I got to school, and then changing again at school before leaving for home in the afternoon in order to cut down on the home trash.

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    Darn it thread, this topic got me in the mood for seeing how long I cound wear, didn't change my wet diaper before bed, and leaked on my sheets this morning.

    *shakes fist*

    (Not actually upset about this, it was fun, even though I need to clean it now. I just thought you all might be amused. )

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