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Thread: DryNites on Ebay (US)

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    Default DryNites on Ebay (US)

    I think I've found a decent deal for DryNites on Ebay. Shipping is dirt cheap shipped from the UK!

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    Taking a closer look....the picture on the package looks like the design of DryNites is very similar to current GoodNites...I thought DryNites had different designs? I went to the DryNites UK website, and none of the designs there match up with the Ebay listing. Any Ideas?

    Also, I've heard that DryNites have a larger fit and better absorption when compared to GoodNites...this would be my main reason to give them a try. Is this true?

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    I have never heard that they were anything other than the same thing with a different name for the UK market.

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    DryNites are slightly larger than Goodnites and much more crinkly. I'd wear them anyday over the current US Goodnites.

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    Thanks DanElmontan...first chance I get I'm going to buy some. I found them on Amazon as well!

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