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Thread: LOL 404 unread posts!

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    Default LOL 404 unread posts!

    I slept, and now there are 404 unread posts. This is funny to me!

    Have any of you ever had a funny (not necessarily massive) number of unread posts?

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    My unread post count has gone over 500 several times. Lots of times I'll read a thread, click 'unread posts' and the count has gone up 25 or 50. I thought it was normal.

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    It always gives me a little spout of joy when I come back from dinner to find either 42 or 69 unread posts (I'm geeky and immature, sue me!).

    Haven't had any others that have caught my eye yet. Weekends I usually have about 250 when I get on (probably about 12 hours since last visit) and weekdays I would say 400-500 posts (proabaly 16 hours since last visit). 404 would be pretty funny though.

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    You have unread posts from me? ...Wait...



    *Becomes not found.*

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    after 2 days (1day of semi-checked posts) i got 666 lol

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    I have 95 post right now, but I can probably get a 1000 if I'm not on for a couple hours during the day.

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    I've gotten 1337 missed posts before.

    I should have screen caped that...

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    XD its like when i get on over 300 each time O.o it annoys cause i dont have the atention span to read them all XD

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    Mine seems to bounce up and down really randomly. Sometimes, it's really low even though I've read nothing. Other times, it's really high, even though I've read loads.

    For some reason, it's seems to be 69 really often. It's also 127 and 128 quite often, which happen to be two of my favourite numbers (yes, I am nerdy enough to have favourite numbers)

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