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Thread: Chasity anyone ?

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    Default Chasity anyone ?

    I often wear a chasty device when in diapers.
    A cb-6000s keeps me locked up, secure and reminds me of my place.
    Anyone else indulge?

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    Of course. Finding the right chastity device is the harder quest. But chastity + diapers= heaven

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    I've been looking at the Holy Trainer any one else got experience with these

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    Babies don't know about this chastity thing. But big babies need to have rules set and behavior monitored. Since babies must wear diapers it would not matter what type of chastity device is worn underneath
    or none for that matter. Simply wear a locking diaper cover with double/triple diapers inside that should do the trick and of course don't forget the padded thumbless mittens to keep babies' hands out of trouble.
    Keeping the locking diaper cover on with the caution that if something other than pee or poop is found in the diaper a spanking will be administered forthwith and maybe even some additional pain with icy-hot
    ben-gay or vicks used to make the point clear that baby that is Big Babies must not fool around doing adult sex stuff. A consolation of sorts if wearing a infernal contraption to control sex wearing a diaper over
    it does a good job of allowing the bulge to be concealed as part of the diaper and the cover. Suitable clothing would have to be considered if going out and about to say a mall or some entertainment activity.
    But rubbing and humping activity would result in punishment for this conduct. Why is that man wearing oversized padded clothing and doing this strange Baby Elephant walk ? Chastity and diapers are not all the strange bed-fellows.
    Big babies need to learn sexual control and fooling around results in punishment of one form or another.

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    OMG! I only wear over my fursuit, so a chastity isn't really practical for my use. I usually diaper up extra thick and throw on a pair of plastic pants and rhumba pants before putting on a dress and tying a bow around my waist so I can't lift up my dress and "Explore " myself. If i do happen to get a little, um... "Frisky" as a sissy cub, I can't gain access to my "stuff", but if I somehow manage to finish, I am certain to get a very hard spanking from daddy.

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    I've found them.. interesting. I like them aesthetically I guess I could say, but never attempted.

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    The female type are great deal more aesthetically pleasing to wear due to the fact they don't take up much space in the Thigh Gap - but the diapers however will still have that bulk and be a problem for
    hiding that bulk. With more bulk the Baby Elephant waddle walk will be just like a swishy backfield in motion not leaving much for the imagination ! Oh how I love to see this diapered person prancing
    around trying to walk the straight walk but failing like an intoxicated drunk walking the white line. So cute ! OK move that bulky butt into the squad car we are going to have to take you to the clinic to see
    what makes you tick down there. What is it that you are hiding that I can't feel and can't get at till the CB and locking diaper cover are removed. Interesting - very interesting ! The plot thickens just like
    a diaper in use ! LOL !

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    Quote Originally Posted by JewelSparkles View Post
    LOL no.

    Not my thing.
    Same thing with me.

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    I have fantasized about chastity for awhile, especially while diapered. Really, I just need to do it. I like it cause when not diapered it would "force" me to sit down to tinkle.

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