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Thread: Wearing nappies/diapers frowned upon.

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    Default Wearing nappies/diapers frowned upon.

    At the mere mention of nappies the person your talking to you sends negative vibes that can make you feel rather awkward.

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    quite likely. when was the last time you were in a conversation about someone's underwear?

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    I tend to only discuss stuff about diapers in online places like this, with like minded people. When I'm hanging out IRL with fellow abdl's I don't really discuss it that much. There's way too many other things to talk about. This just happens to be a shared interest. When you're new to the community, you might discuss it a lot, because you're finally able to do it for the first time ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mypotty View Post
    At the mere mention of nappies the person your talking to you sends negative vibes that can make you feel rather awkward.
    There are a lot of subjects that make people feel awkward. Some of that is social taboos stepped in tradition, and some of it is because there are certain things that people don't talk about. In the latter case, modern communication theory suggests that there are several levels of intimacy in conversation, and people are generally put off when a subject is raised that seems too personal compared to the level of intimacy the current relationship is at. e.g. it would be weird if someone you just met starts telling you about their sex life, but maybe not so much if you and your best friend have a conversation about it. if you want to read more about it.

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    I have to agree with Irnub. There are exactly 2 people whit whom I feel free to talk about diapers and related things, but that is ok. It really makes me feel fortunate that I have found this site to have discussions about things that usually will tend to make vanillas uncomfortable or wierded out. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone here and the producers of this site where folks can feel safe, accepted/tolerated, welcome, encouraged/empowered,and actually LISTENED to! HUZZAH!!!

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    I never talk about diapers to my friends. I would probably the most uncomfortable person in the room. It's only been in the last few years that I can talk about them in front of my wife. I guess it's always something that I've kept hidden, and has been a personal part of my life, that it's too late for it to be completely comfortable for me to discuss in public.

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    Except for one time, I have never discussed adult diapers with anyone. The one time I did, I was very nervous. This happened within the last year and my mother had begin to 'leak' a little at night. We were at CVS and she wanted some more pads. I misunderstood her and was looking for some pull-ups or diapers when she just wanted some light pads.

    I have no intention of discuss diapers (at this time) with anyone IRL. I may at some time if I attend a munchie or something.

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    there has been along social stigma about diapers
    that only babies and the elderly wear them
    this has began to change in recent years but a lot of people still don't feel comfortable talking about them.

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    Would you like your dad to tell you in every excruciating detail how he brought your mum to orgasm last night? No, so why on earth would any duggle (non diaper person ) want to know about the sexual pleasure and youth nostalgia wetting a diaper gives you?

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    I wear nappies all the time I can't say I really think about any negative vibes. What others think is their problem. I am incontinent so I wear a nappy to keep my bed and pants dry.

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