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Thread: Valentine's Diapered Romance!

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    Default Valentine's Diapered Romance!

    Being that today is Valentine's Day, DLGirl8385 and I are going to have a diapered night. It's somewhat of a double celebration...her sister had been living with us for the last two months, so diaper time was somewhat limited and restricted.

    Since, it's a special night we're going to try something new (to us). Normally, I diaper myself then I diaper her. After that we spend a couple hours in our diapers, wetting them as needed. The night usually ends with some variation of diaper sex. Tonight, we're going to change each other's wet diaper, then wet them again before some diaper sex. It will be a very new experience; especially for me, since she's never even diapered me before...and now she's going to change my wet diaper! Excited!

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    It's nice to see that things are going well for both of you! Please enjoy your night!

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    Nice! one minor detail question..What brands are you using?

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    Haha that sounds like fun. My gf isnt into DL stuff, we just have lots of booze and got a hotel room (away from roommates and pets; dont worry, theyre fed!)

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    She's still using a pack of Aww So Cute's (pink) I bought her a while back. I'm using my favorite...Tena Slip Maxi's!

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    Have fun.

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    It sounds like you're having a lot more exciting Valentine's Day than mine. I had to go and work tonight, though the work was fun. Our church had a valentine's dinner, and I was part of the entertainment. I played Chopin's, "Raindrop Prelude, the Prelude in D flat Major". I had written a romantic ghost story and had a friend read the story while I played Chopin. You can find the story on our site under the title, "Long Walks on the Beach". It's only 2 1/2 pages, so, a short read.

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    I'm surprised DC Amore didn't run a valentines day promotion or sale. I mean, really, pink diapers, how can you miss that opportunity?

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    The only ABDL diaper company that sent me an email with Valentine's sales was Bambino.

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    Well, good luck.

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