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Thread: A diaper to fit my use?

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    Default A diaper to fit my use?

    Hey all so ive been wearing diapers less this year due to depression and money. I love the fun-printed plastic backed disposables, but the thing is alot of the time i just wear them over night or days when im not doing anything but i dont actually USE them. I can make a case last a long time because i dont use them so i might wear one a few times to be honest. Lately i found out the existance of all in one cloth diapers that are pvc backed and wondered iIS there really much of a feeling difference between re-useable and disposable diapers? Since its pvc backed thats half the battle but i have no clue what a cloth diaper would feel like by comparison and wanted to find out before i go and spend 35 on a all-in-one cloth or on a case of disposable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepytyrant
    He has had experience in both, give him a bit to respond.

    I've never tried cloth but I would think the feeling is different when dry and wet.

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    If you just want to feel the bulk between your legs cloth diapers are great. They don't bunch up like disposables.

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    im just really nervous about trying new things haha, really upset with my favorite brand being unreliable now. Figure 90% of the time its for the tight soft feel and the crinkle so mabey trying somthing new might save me in the long run

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    I use the snap cloth with plastic pants a lot. Cloth seems warmer since it does not absorb very fast but if you have enough layers it will feel pretty dry for a while. Dry they are about the same, just a little thicker. I am sure PVC would not crinkle the same as other plastic but have not tried it really.

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    For disposable try Snuggies the tapes seem to work very well and could be re-used if you don't wet them. As for cloth my only experience is with baby pants training pants which are amazing, I would imagine is used with their plastic pants it might work very well for what your looking for.

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    " I would imagine is used with their plastic pants it might work very well for what your looking for. "

    Im trying to avoid plastic pants, im not a real fan of those lol i have a love for the pvc typ that are on disposables, plus i like everything to be tight as possible. But the baby pants training pants, is that a brand?

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    To me there is a big difference between a cloth and disposable. I grew up wearing disposables during and beyond infancy so I gravitate toward that by a longshot, and I have a feeling that will hold true for anyone else with that background. Alternatively if you grew up wearing cloth-backs, which I'm guessing you didn't, you'd have a soft spot for them. For me a cloth diaper is an occasional substitute for disposables that can be enjoyable and a cross between a diaper and underwear, but I don't consider it a staple or usual choice by any means. It's just not the same without the crinkle and the plastic

    If you want the best option for a cloth diaper that's PVC backed, the Dependeco AIO diapers would be best with some PVC plastic pants snugly added over them. Dependeco makes the best cloth reusable diapers out there and they're available in many fun, printed designs.

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    They do feel different, but you get used to it; and they are nice and bulky. ^.^

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    You really can't beat cloth for price. Being more frugal with your use of your disposables (not using, wearing till they fall apart etc) closes that gap quite a bit though.

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