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    So I am trying to find a good cloth diaper. To give you an idea, Dry24/7 medium fit me better than every other diaper on the market, and I've tried a lot of brands.

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

    I have a pair of pul plastic pants that I wear over disposables at night.

    The biggest thing is, I'm a side slapper and being a guy, I've had lots of leak issues, if an all in one is best, I'm game, as long as side slapping isn't an issue...

    Second biggest thing is, add I said, I fit best in a medium dry24/7, so if there are any options that can fit like that, I'd love it.


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    I wear Dry 24/7s, but only on occasions. I mostly am in cloth. I have about 5 dependico cloth AIO diapers and 2 night weight cloth prefolds from Adult Cloth Diapers. with a couple of diaper covers. I would recommend any of these I use.

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    I wear Leakmasters AIO sometimes, they leak around the legs so plastic pants or bed protection is still needed. I am an extremely heavy wetter though.

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    I wear Dependeco AIO's mainly for afternoon and late evening use. For overnight I use cloth prefolds and boosters
    from Changing Times Diaper Co. I also use PUL panties over them. For side sleeping there's none better.
    When you look at the sizing charts for cloth prefolds or contour diapers you have to consider how much they'll
    shrink after washing. Most sites will tell you the percentage they'll shrink.

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    Thanks for all the advice, is prefold vs contour better? Also are aio's worth it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by srmousse View Post
    Thanks for all the advice, is prefold vs contour better? Also are aio's worth it?
    I like the prefolds best for overnight use. The contours can be used as well. They have a little less material through the
    crotch and fit better and can be worn under clothes with less bulk. I wear my AIO's now mostly now in the afternoon and
    evening. These I've worn out and about several times with no problems. Here's a link for them.

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    You might consider a pull-on AIO, too -- like the ones Babykins sells. I haven't tried them myself, though. The keys for side-sleeping are going to be padding on the sides, and the absence of any side-closures. Prefolds are arguably my favorite diapers, but while I'm also a side-sleeper much of the time, I find that wearing a prefold to bed is a great way to ensure that I sleep on my tummy or my back; prefolds are very bulky through the crotch.

    If you simply want to upgrade your current diapering system, I'd suggest getting a lined pant to go over your disposable diaper. Non-lined pants over disposables don't do much, since anything that leaks is locked out of the diaper for good, and just sloshes around until it finds an exit. You want the thing that's covering your disposable to have at least some small absorbency.

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    I've always have used prefolds at night with plastic pants and have had no problems with leaks.

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