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Thread: Anybody have any remedies

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    Default Anybody have any remedies

    Does anyone have any remedies for diaper rash. Last night I accidently fell asleep in a soaked diaper and woke up with a very painful rash.

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    Use a diaper rash cream...You can get those pretty much anywhere...Also, I wouldn't wear for a while, as that would just aggravate it even more...

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    I'd also recommend changing your diaper brand. Better diapers will neutralize the urine so it won't give you a rash, at least not with a single overnight wearing. It may itch a tiny bit, but you won't have a rash. Also, drink more water. This will dillute your urine so it's not so acidic.

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    I've slept the last few nights in soaked rashes

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    As Pojo said, use cream for this current rash, and to prevent future ones: powder and baby oil work wonders.

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    Some people have tougher skin and don't get diaper rash, but yes get a diaper rash cream.

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    Interesting situation. I can't say I ever had diaper rash before but it must be painful. Anyway yeah I'll just agree with everyone and say diaper rash cream+baby oil and powder.

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    Desiten is probably the way to go. We used to use it on our kids. I think it works as well as anything. It is a very thick cream.

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    A+D Ointment works well both as a medication and as a preventative.

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    Most people don't have this problem even if they sleep in it because all the big brands have a chemical in them that neutralizes urine to prevent odor and rash. In fact, some sites actually include urine neutralization speed in a diaper's rating.

    However, if you buy generic store brands or other low-end brands, they may not have this chemical, or not enough of it to be effective. These diapers work acceptably if you change them immediately after use, but if you don't you will get a rash. If you are running into this problem, change your diaper brand.

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