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Thread: First Time Wearing an Abena M4

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    Default First Time Wearing an Abena M4

    I split the case open carefully not to damage any of the diapers inside. Alas, I was in!
    I took one out and instantly compared it to a Tena Super, I was so amazed on how big they were!
    The padding inside is so soft I have yet to even pee in it yet, wondering if i should let go all at once in a flood, or slowly release.
    Anyways on just the sheer arrival of these has made me so happy inside.
    Any similar M4 Stories? Or Diapers that you truly love?!? <3

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    They are the best diapers that I have tried for longevity. They are my favourite

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    I've tried a sample pack a while back. Fell in love with them. Found a good deal on some L4s on Amazon two days ago. Should be here tomorrow.

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    The M4's are indeed quite good, and are at the top of my list right now, But I've only tried a handful of different brands and types so far. The M4 was actually one of the first premium diapers I ever purchased.

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    I try various brands from time to time, but the Abena M4 has been my regular daily diaper for the past 10 years of so. They have a high capacity, fit me very well, and Abena has excellent quality control. I very rarely find a diaper that is defective in any way.

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    I will always love the Abena M4's and find them to be very comfy and absorbent.

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    They have amazing capacity. They can get very heavy in fact.

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    Abena M4's are my favorite diaper. They hold a lot and personally they fit me very well. I can usually have an M4 or about 20 hours at a time if I choose to do so.

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    M4's are a really good diaper with high capacity. They are one of my favorites. But to be honest I've got several favorites: M4, Molicare, Northshore briefs, & Bambinos.

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