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Thread: Bedwetting

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    Default Bedwetting

    I have been bedwetting since birth ( I am 20 years old). From urologic point of view no cause has been found, all various test trough years went ok.
    Some Doc suggest that there could be connection with my hard sleep because full blader dont wake
    From drugs I take Betmiga and Minirin Melt, both lowered bedwetting to 1-3 per week. Because I live in university dorms with roommate I wear diapers.

    Can I do more with my problem?

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    Possibly an alarm of some kind. I vibrating one since you are living in the dorms with room mates.

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    I'm not an expert but it seems like you've got everything covered. Some people just have a hard time waking up from a deep sleep when it's time to go. If diapers offer a sense of security for you to know that you won't wake up to a wet bed in college, that seems to be perfectly fine.

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    Alarms are not efective for me - when I was younger I had one - it woke whole house but not me. In all those years I have tried pretty much everything including various drugs, the current combination is so far best

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    Interesting thing to find out is that bedwetting is more common than some people realize. Boys tend to have issues with it more than girls do, and the numbers are that at age 5, 15 percent of children are not dry at night, at age 12, three percent are still not dry at night. Even as old as eighteen, a small percentage of people wet the bed, and based on some estimates, as high as 1% of adults still experience episodes of it.

    Some of us have tried the drugs and found unpleasant side effects without much improvement. Some people get great improvement. We all get different results, if you are getting good results with the regimen you are on, keep it up. Improving from there is something you should discuss with your doctor.

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    I wet bed into my teens, still do sometimes unexpectedly but it has never bothered me that I am a bed wetter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave753 View Post
    Alarms are not efective for me - when I was younger I had one - it woke whole house but not me. In all those years I have tried pretty much everything including various drugs, the current combination is so far best
    Expect you’ve already tried this type. If not, in the reviews some claim vibration aroused individual where sound had failed in the past.

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    Never bothered me being a bedwetter either.

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    I've only ever really wet the bed a handful of times since I was a kid... I can't actually go to sleep if I didn't just just go to the washroom! Like even if I did an hour ago I have to go again, just because I have to xD. Probably have been over-trained to do that lol. I did have bladder issues as a kid, but I don't think I've actually bedwet more than a few times since I was 4. Honestly though, I always get thoughts that I want it to happen "just once"... Not to become a bedwetter - I'd hate that! And I'm super lazy so I'd never want to wash everything multiple times a week. But I do have thoughts that I'd want to do it accidentally just once or something ... And not from alcohol poisoning either! lol The most recent episode was litterally because of some medication that gave me strange nightmares, so I blame that (only a couple years ago)... But outside of that, if I'm otherwise normal, no dice...Even if I have to get up to pee 2 or 3 times that night. Actually I sleep pretty lightly - I wake up to almost everything. Even just a dog barking outside or the neighbours car moving... So I don't think I actually get enough deep sleep ever to actually bedwet anyway... Does that make me a mild insomniac? lol. I think the only times I ever did was because I had like 4-6 collective hours sleep over 2 or 3 days xD. Sorry for rambling...

    Anyway...As for what you're doing, I can't say you can do more than try malem vibration alarms or something. I think everything else was covered. They look to be rather expensive comparatively imo though...

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    I know what it like I have been a bed wetter for years. I find I sleep so sound the house could fall down and wouldn't wake up. I all most never wake up I don't even move all night long.

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