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Thread: Which would be more efficient?

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    Default Which would be more efficient?

    So currently I'm using CVS and Meijer brand "adjustable briefs" (which I'm 98% sure are exactly the same), and I'm using about 5 a day. Each pack is about $10 for 20 diapers.

    Now, I want to get Bambino Bellissimo since I read they can hold over twice as much as CVS/Meijer diapers. But, that added quality has a larger price, about $1 more per diaper. But, I wouldn't be using nearly as many, right?

    I'm just wondering if it would be more cost and leak efficient if I switched to the Bellissimos. If anyone uses them, would you recommend them?

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    Well, I've gotten a Bellisimo almost a full 24 hours a couple times (though I probably drank less than I should during that period), and they very consistently go longer than 12 hours according to all reviews I've read. So, if you don't mind being wet most of the time and aren't vulnerable to rashes, you could probably use only 2 Bellismimos a day compared to your current CVS brand. Comparably, each CVS diaper is 50 cents, whereas each Bellismo is about $2 a diaper (depending on your size). So, sadly, the CVS brand is still cheaper even though you're using more than twice as many.

    As far as leaks go, I've only made a Bellisimo leak once, and that was after wetting it three times during the day, wearing it to bed, and having three glasses of water before bed (fyi, don't do that. >_<). So, if you do have leak problems with the CVS diapers, a thicker one might work better. On the other hand, since you're changing frequently, it's still probably more sensible to use the store brand diapers if expense is a concern for you. Again, sadly, as the bambino product is really awesome, but not really justifiable if you need to wear all the time and are trying to be as cost efficient as possible.

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    in most cases you'll be voluntarily changing your bellisimo before it's reached capacity. Tape has finally broken, clumped beyond redemption, ripe due to extended wet-wear, time to go to work, etc. So consider them a diaper that will last as long as you can go between changes, for all other reasons.

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    Bambinod makes a good point. Under normal conditions, any of the crazy high capacity stuff (bambinos, dry24/7, absorbancy+, northshore, etc.) will often result in changing before the capacity is used up.

    The best solution is actually to keep both some high capacity stuff and some cheap low capacity stuff on hand. That way you can decide which diaper you use for some particular set of circumstances. e.g. if you're planning on going out in a few hours but need to change, put on a cheap diaper so you can change into one of your premiums just before you leave the house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irnub View Post
    The best solution is actually to keep both some high capacity stuff and some cheap low capacity stuff on hand. That way you can decide which diaper you use for some particular set of circumstances....
    This is sage advice. Sometimes you only have time to be diapered for a bit and a high capacity diaper would be a waste because you can't "get your money's worth". Or if you're going to be diapered all day having to change after one wetting with cheap diapers is also a drag.

    I tend to keep a high, medium, and low capacity on hand when I can. Or invest in boosters - that way you can build the diaper to your situation at the moment.

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