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Thread: is bedwetting all that bad..

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    Default is bedwetting all that bad..

    since i cant become incontinent or at least try for some time iv been wondering if bedwettings like worse.

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    Maybe it's bad if you don't want it...I used to wet it...But now that it's gone, I kind of wish I would start to wet it again...Although I would rather wait until I could get my hand on diapers more

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    hmm how do you become a bed wetter again though i remembered the last time i wet weekly was when i was like 10 and a few times when i was 12 im 13 now theres a guide on deekers but i really dont like it...

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    I don't know...How did all of those drugs work out for you though

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    bedwetting is like having wet dreams, feels good for a second, then is a pain in the ass, cold, and gooey, then your parents chide you and dont give you diapers.

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    luckily nothing...the sleeping pills worked and i felt fine all day and didn't have diarrhea or anything.

    Quote Originally Posted by babyemo View Post
    bedwetting is like having wet dreams, feels good for a second, then is a pain in the ass, cold, and gooey, then your parents chide you and dont give you diapers.

    never had a wet 13 soo yea puberties kicked in some but not all
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    You don't want to wet the bed.
    It's a pain in the ass. Cleaning it up, and it's not fun having sleepovers/sleeping at someone's house.
    And it's not like you can just start wetting the bed, especially at 13...I don't think. But I'm pretty sure you can't. I've been wetting the bed since I was 10, and I don't know what started it. So I can't say for sure.

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    I don't know if I'm the best person to answer this, as I'm not a habitual bedwetter, but it does happen to me from time to time. I can say this though, it might seem nice as a fantasy, and sure, there's time's when I've wet and thought "cool" that doesn't happen often. However, I can say that I know if I did wet every night, I think it would get old real quick.

    It can also be a real pain too, even with wearing diapers, they can leak. Trust me on this one, there have been a few times when I have wet and I was wearing diapers, good ones, not depends, and they have not held and I woke up with cold wet sheets anyway. Waking up to this in the middle of the night is NOT fun and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, and it's only happened to me on a few occasions, not regularly.

    Also, think of other times when it might be inconvenient. Sure, not a huge deal, but there are certain nights where wearing diapers would be quite bothersome and embarrasing, such as nights when I visit friends and crash on their couch, especially if it wasn't a night I was planning on staying over. There's bound to be a few times here and there where you will on the spur of the moment decide to spend the nights as a friends house, whether it be to stay over, or your tired, or whatnot. Jter42, your profile says you are 13, so that's prime time for sleepovers.

    Also, consider getting older, you'll have more freedoms to do what you want, are you really going to want to have to tote a diaper along with you wherever you go. I understand some people, including many members of this community have to deal with this, and although I am not a regular bedwetter, I have experienced it, and I can tell you that it's really not as fun as it sounds.

    So, since I don't fully understand your question, I'll put it this way, I'd rather not wet the bed at all, but wetting the bed is certainly less of a hassle than full incontinence, though I would not want to deal with anything worse than I currently do, which is quite minor and I've written about it in other posts, so I won't repeat myself here.

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    Ive kinda had a little passive thought in the little corner of my brain of how awesome being a bed wetter is. Ive never wet the bed since i was a baby. Until recently and wasent diaped for it. It was annoying and it sucked since my underwear were soaked and it was icky nasty gross. :/ I was belly down so it permiated all the way through to the plastic cover on my matress and i got it off and it stained it.....

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    hmm i really want to become a bedwetter like wake up wet one night then again and again and so on..but really itd be chance for me to suddenly become a chronic bedwetter

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