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Thread: Links to mp3 songs from J-pop singer Asriel

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    Default Links to mp3 songs from J-pop singer Asriel

    Title says it all, if you can find any songs and I mean ANY songs from Asriel that can be downloaded I will reward you with a "special" gift. ( if your wondering what the present is? Well that's a secret. ^__-)

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    I started searching for you and found out what kind of band it was first. Seemed interesting, so I kept on looking. Found it, downloaded it. Too theme-songy for my taste, but you can get the Requiem album here:

    Asriel - Requiem [[email protected]].zip

    Here are some links to other albums, but they're all dead at the moment. Maybe somebody will fix them later:

    Lolita ScorN: Asriel

    Now, what was that I heard about a secret reward?

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