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Thread: 'Sup Squiggles and brodogs :P

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    Default 'Sup Squiggles and brodogs :P

    Hey all, I'm a person, a unique person I think. I'm an asexual infantilist AB/BF

    Leading with sexuality and the stuff on my profile makes me kool.

    Anyhow my hobbies are magic the gathering, dungeons and dragons/pathfinder and essentially anything high fantasy.

    I'm a MTF transgendered individual in the process loop of bribing my doctor and counselor to write me some letters for my mones.

    And besides of that I'm glad to meet all of y'all as the special snowflake elf/human/white dragon of stupendious evildoing and chaotic evil epic awesomesauce peace and love. Mostly I'm just immature, but that makes me awesome :P

    If anyone isn't absolutely offended and says hi, I've done a better job than I could of ever hoped! Squiggle!

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