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Thread: Baby Oil or butt paste?

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    Default Baby Oil or butt paste?

    Which do you prefer to use - Baby oil or lotion, or a brand of butt paste? Is one better than the other?

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    I've tried paste, and found that apparently I must be completely covered in the stuff once I open the tube; forehead, eyebrows, etc. I personally prefer baby oil gel.

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    My preference is A+D if I think I'm going to be diapered for some time or have already been diapered a bunch. Alternates are baby oil gel as a close 2nd or baby lotion in 3rd place. Might be addicted to lavender baby powder >.>

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    I just use petroleum jelly (Vaseline or generic equivalent) and that seems to do quite well. I have been IC for over a year now and that seems to work perfectly. I have never had a diaper rash in my life. I also just use cornstarch baby powder with no perfume (no talcum because it's a carcinogen) and that also works wonders. Now I can understand that some people are conscientious about using baby skin care products but I buy that stuff easily off the shelf and most people think I am shopping for someone else's child when I get that stuff. Plus no one can tell your using that because of the lack of scent because most scents are actually skin irritants anyways. Also Cornstarch baby powder and petroleum jelly are rather cheap. I can buy 3 months worth of both for around $10.

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    To prevent rashes, or if I think I'm starting to get one I use Desitin cream. It's got the highest level of Zinc Oxide that I've found in rash stuff, like butt paste. Both Butt Paste and Desitin are hard to clean off your hands after applying. So I always use a glove to put it on, and then throw the glove away.

    Anther than putting the cream on. I just use powder. The cream is only put on in certain spots that are starting to get irritated.

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    I will sometimes use lotion as well. But not very often. For me, I've found that powder works OK. Never used baby oil myself. Too messy for me.

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    I only use a good cornstarch baby powder, beware of baby oil and vaseline, they are both petroleum based products and not the healthiest thing for the skin, I have heard coconut oil works well, have not tried it

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    Also baby oil and any petroleum jelly like Vaseline can weaken plastics in diapers and cause a leak. Same warning with condoms. Not recommended if you are trying to prevent a leak.

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    I use baby oil and baby lotion in the morning, but I'm usually regressed at that point, so.......

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    I sometimes use baby lotion before putting a diaper on. I almost always use baby powder after I shower but I don't use baby powder if I am going to put another diaper on. I have never needed or used paste.

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