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Thread: Joining Up!

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    Smile Joining Up!

    Hiya, Im Excyld, for now anyway.

    For a while, just like alot of you all, Ive been a Diaper lover for a long time, and now I finally decided to join the community.
    All im really looking for is someone else to talk to that gets what Im into. I suppose here is the best place.

    Im still sorta incognito although a few people do know about this. But I hope to find a few good friends or acquaintances here.

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    Hello Excyld! Welcome to ADISC! I myself only really needed someone to talk to as well. Please tell us a little more about yourself so we can get to know each other better because there are sure to be plenty of people with similiar interests as yours but there is very little that we know about you at this point.

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    Well, I guess to begin, Im a dude, Im 26, im a huge fan all things Anime.
    Love video games to death. Umm, I like to drive everywhere, and there is nothing better than driving diapered!
    I love to athletic stuff, which kinda gets interefered with by my videogaming habbits.
    Not sure what else I would tell people, but Im happy to share more, if I had an idea!
    Also, now that I think of it, I aspire to be an author of some sort, and if that fails, Computer Graphic stuff!!

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