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Thread: How did you start to wear diapers?

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    Default How did you start to wear diapers?

    How did you start to wear diapers?
    I started to be interesting in diapers 4, 5 years ago, when I find on internet site about abdl, and when I found it I understud why I have a strange feeling when I am near diapers.

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    I was born.

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    I think for many of us, it may be a long story. I knew by the age of 4 that I wanted to be back in diapers. Once puberty hit, I was making my own makeshift diapers. By college, I got caught by my mom and taken to a shrink. Once I was out on my own, I started buying the largest, cloth baby diapers I could find, and Gerber toddler sized plastic pants. Once the internet reared its ugly head, I ordered adult diapers on line. I lived almost my entire life, in and out of diapers.

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    How did I start. LoL, main question is did I ever stop. Ever since I can remember I've liked diapers, and wanted to be/stay little. First time I got a diaper was from a walmart vending-machine at like 15 or something can't remember for sure...

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    As long as I can remember, I've always felt at the very least strange thinking about diapers. I didn't begin to fully understand these feelings until I was somewhere between 8-10. I started exploring diaper-related stuff online, and read a Wikipedia article about diapers, which lead to an article about diaper fetishism. I dug up videos of people wearing/using diapers on Youtube, and then branched out into other diaper-specific websites, mostly for videos. Eventually, I began to improvise, using underwear that I never wore otherwise, stacking them together like a makeshift diaper, wetting it, then hiding it out in the woods. Later, I used my brother's old cloth diapers (which we mostly use as rags), attaching them together with pins or duct tape to use. After a year or so of this, I started stealing diapers whenever I could get away with it. The school nurse's office (there was a package of old Goodnites which belonged to a student who didn't attend our school anymore), a daycare where we had band lessons, a handicapped people's summer camp where we had a retreat, even once shoplifted one from an open package at a thrift store, using improvised diapers between opportunities (about a month ago, there was a topic about regrettable decisions we made before we could get diapers. I was able to recount every single diaper I've ever stolen, from where and what diaper it was. Needless to say, that topic was taken down. Not even locked, it just disappeared) . This went on for at least 5 years, since I had no way of getting diapers of my own, and I was a horny teenager so I didn't exactly want to stop. Fortunately, I never got caught. The day I got my driver's license, though, I bought a package of girl's Goodnites, and I haven't stolen or improvised since, now that I can actually get diapers.

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    Always remember when I was like 4 wanting to for some reason and never saying anything. My little brother is autistic and wore goodnites for all my teenage years, it took around third grade for me to realize that I could borrow them and try them out. Ahh.. memories. Its really a comfort thing for me.

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    I began borrowing my little sister's diapers when I was six and she was four. She was day-trained but still wore to bed. Actually, "borrow back" might be more accurate, as these were the same cloth diapers I'd been put in only a few years before. When sis was done wearing diapers, they were kept around -- some in a big box in the garage, others in the house for use as rags. The pins, too, were kept around, but I never found the plastic pants.

    Anyway, these cloth diapers supported my diaper habit until I was 11 or 12 years old. Until that time, my favorite thing to do with them was sleep in them. I'd wait until Mom or Dad said goodnight to me, then I'd hop out of bed, pull a couple of diapers out from in between my mattresses, pin them on, and go happily back to bed. As I got older, it became necessary to pin two diapers together to make a larger one. There were long spans of time during my elementary school years when I was sleeping in diapers almost every night. Despite that my hiding places were pretty lousy, my parents either never found the diapers I was hiding, or simply chose not to confront me about them. They were pretty relaxed and hands-off in general (as long as I was getting good grades), so I'm thinking it was the latter.

    Sometime around age 12, I finally succumbed to the TV ads for Pampers and Huggies, and started hiking to the store with my allowance. One amusing anecdote from that first trip is that I bought the Pampers for Girls, figuring this would make it clear to the clerk that the diapers weren't for me. Kid minds work in strange ways. It was also around this time that diapers became a sexual thing.

    Imaginations will probably suffice at this point, so I'll just leave it there.

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    It started around the age of four. and then waned around seven. It hit me hard and for life at thirteen. Diapers and rubber (plastic)pants were in the house due to a bunch of kids in the family. I couldn't resist them at puberty. I couldn't understand the attractions of diapers and baby pants. My first sexual experience was diapers and rubber pants at the age of thirteen. It all became clear what the attraction was after that..... 40 years since that occurred and I'm still addicted....

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    I ordered some in the mail going on a couple years ago now. They were amazing, so I ordered more.

    Don't let the brief time fool you though. I've thought about and wanted to wear diapers since I can remember around age 4. I experimented a bit with wetting underwear in elementary school. I was also incredibly paranoid about the whole thing though, so I never bought any real diapers until I lived alone, which was a recent thing.

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    i seem to be unlike most. i've only started wearing and being interested the past two years. i've always been a little, but i didn't think of diapers as something i'd like. but, turns out, i do!

    i do wish, however, i would've realized it earlier. thinking about how much i love them as an adult, i wish i was never taken out of them as a baby! haha.

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