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Thread: Games or Video?

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    Default Games or Video?

    If you were trapped on a desert island only with a computer,
    and a genie offered to give you the total collection of either games (only pc games) or video (movies & tv shows), which would you choose?

    btw no internet =[ so no mmorpgs

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    I'd take PC games. Fallout 3, UT:2004, UT3, Oblivion, Burnout:Paradise etc.

    I would then make my own animated flash videos. :P

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    Oooh that's a tough one!

    I'll have to say games 'cause I love the Sims 2.

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    Games all the way games till the end of time.

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    Games - more mental activity because you are involved, not just watching. Also, there are some games I truly love. Without the distraction of the internet, perhaps I could get somewhere at them.

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    I'll trap myself on a desert island just so I could play my games uninterupted. No internet is a bit of a downer, but I can make due.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Games...Although how would the computer work?
    It's a laptop with the world's longest lasting battery and a full charge.

    Now as for the main topic: I'd definitly say games.

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