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Thread: My boyfriend and I just broke up...

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    Default My boyfriend and I just broke up...

    My boyfriend and I broke up a few minutes ago.

    We had started to date other people so that we could have our mutual needs met since we were so far away...

    I don't know how to feel, what to feel.

    I feel sadness, disbelief, and relief...

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    I'm very sorry to read this. I thought this was a possibility after the thread two months ago about opening the relationship but didn't say it. LDRs are very hard to do; I know because I was in one myself for two years. But if your (plural) needs weren't being met then it may well be for the best. My condolences.

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    This happened to me when I went off to college. I was in a relationship with a girl from my high school, and we were intimate many times. After about a month in college, I got the dear John telephone call. I was devastated, so much, that I turned to a guy I liked, and we had a relationship for three out of the four years in school.

    Break ups can do psychological damage, cause deep depression and other problems. Eventually we get back on track, meet someone and restart our lives. Hopefully the world will brighten for you and you'll meet someone else. Until then, keep yourself busy. Go out with friends and try to have some fun. Time tends to heal these horrible wounds.

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    Very sorry to hear it, Achieldan. As said above, the long-distance thing is tough. Whatever you do, don't blame yourself. Particularly if your needs weren't being met, the opportunity you now have to shamelessly pursue your local options is probably for the best.

    I had a knack for getting into long-distance relationships. My high school girlfriend graduated a year before me and moved away to go to college. She was my first actual girlfriend, too, so I was determined to hang on tight! But alas, she made new friends quickly, and I just couldn't compete with that over the phone or by mail (no Skype back then). That breakup really sucked, but it wasn't long before I was able to look back on it and understand. Fast forward to the end of my own college career, and once again my girlfriend graduated ahead of me, this time by about six months. She promptly got a job and moved about 300 miles away. That relationship survived, however, thanks in part to my making the drive at least every other weekend. I paid for gas out of the monthly food allowance my parents were giving me, which meant eating a lot of cheap, bad-for-me food for those six months! The fact that I ended up landing a job near her after I graduated was not entirely accidental, but was certainly very lucky. Things could easily have gone another way.

    Cheer up! I predict better times ahead.
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    Well it sounds like if you were already dating other people, the relationship was over anyway.

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    Breakups are always hard. But sometimes it is for the best. There are always new people right around the corner. And ya never know, a new relationship could work out better than the last one.

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