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Thread: medicaid adult diaper supplier

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    Default medicaid adult diaper supplier

    I'm looking for IC company that cover medicaid for adult diapers like HDIS does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poohbearboy View Post
    I'm looking for IC company that cover medicaid for adult diapers like HDIS does.
    You will need to check with HDIS to find out what diapers Medicaid will pay for from all of the different brands
    of diapers they sell along with other needed supplies.

    I would think that will be true with any other supplier that takes Medicaid.

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    Sad thing is with medi-caid they often only cover store brand quality diapers. And even then they only cover up to 5 diapers per day for supply. So if 5 are not enough it's up to you to buy how ever many more you need. I go through 6-8 store brand per day. So in my case I order a case of the unique wellness and use one of those per day. Typically overnight and use the cheaper medi-caid diapers for during the day. I also found sticking baby diapers as a soaker pad into the cheaper diapers can help them last longer. I suggest for the baby diapers going with a overnite diaper such as the Huggies overnites. I personally went one higher and use the 4t-5t Pampers Easy Ups as a soaker pad. I can normally get 2-3 heavy wettings with this combo. But yea, the quality isn't the best from medi-caid, but it is far better than nothing at all.

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    You could even go for some overnight baby diapers for boosters. Fisher Price has some that are cheaper than the usual brands. They are just as good as the store brands. Toys/BabiesRus has Select booster pads as well. They help some but are quite cheap. Would need a couple just to have some good effect.

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    I normally get around 240 a month and go through ever signal one of them each month and that maybe over 5 changing a day. I was getting this one brand but change it and I been having leaks more then I use to it like there less absorbency to them now and that was best one HDIS had. So now getting cloth back one with leg gather and leak guards in them so I'm hope there no leaks because cloth back. I'm use to wear plastic back but if there no leaks like old one so be it cloth is good for me.

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    I'm going to attempt to go through this company should I actually get a script for diapers after my urology appointment.

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    If your looking for place a good diaper go there Medline because a lot of there diapers have leak guards on them. I use to hate cloth back diaper but this really good and had no leaks at all so far.If you can get a script to help cover cost for them I would try because it will save you in long run out of your pocket.

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    Yeah I've heard medicaid only covers the cheap diapers. I m a bedwetter a few times a month, even if it was every night , I know my diapers wouldn't get covered or they'd be so cheap it wouldn't be worth it. when u do redertimination form for food stamps/medicaid form for medical costs that won't be covered so I write my diaper costs there. I dunno if it works but I know my food stamps went up right after that.

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    After reading the OP, I called HDIS.
    The Spokesperson I talked to said flat-out, that they do not deal with Medicaid/Medicare.

    No surprise to me.

    I'm going to a public class on Medicare benefits later this month. If I find out anything of value, I'll share it here.

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