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Thread: Strange New Phenomenon ( well, at least for me )

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    Default Strange New Phenomenon ( well, at least for me )

    Hi ya, Layne here again.

    I can't thank enough, those here that have suggested that I try a proper, adult sized diaper! Up until recently, I have dropped in, lurked, even occasionally donned a pull up - but after finally buying and trying a couple of cloth AIO's and even more recently some Bambino Bellissimo's - I'm giggling and wondering what took me so long.

    Anyway, to this strange new experience: I have taken the opportunity to wear diapers every Sunday morning for a few weeks now. Experimenting a bit, I have found that I really love the added bulk of a thick diaper, and love it even more the wetter and bulkier it becomes.

    With all that said, I have (up until yesterday) found it difficult for some reason, to actually wet. Impossible to do so, lying down or even sitting; I have had to stand and somewhat "force" myself to go.

    This week I have had the opportunity to work from home; and of course decided, why not do it diapered. As it's been cold of late, I have been working in a diaper and my jumpin jammerz (oh, I could get used to this).

    Now, on to yesterday; I started my day - applied baby oil to all of me that would be diapered and possibly wet, put on my footie pajamas, stuck a binkie in the little pocket on the arm and ventured first to the kitchen for coffee. Next I went to my desk and brought a bottle of water outfitted with an oversized nipple, the ones sold for those with cleft pallets. Not long before I felt the need to go potty, so I figured I'd have to at least stand - but to my surprise, I started going right there. I could feel the back of my diapee become warm and more full. As the morning went on, I didn't just find it easy to go, I found that I was just wetting before I even thought I had to.

    By noon, the Bellissimo was so heavy that I was afraid that the tapes would tear, so I did stop to put on a diaper cover that fastened with velcro and did help hold up the diaper.

    As the early afternoon wore on, i was forced to waddle like a toddler, and more notably, I found that not only was I wetting without effort, it was almost like a slow constant stream. It felt incredible, but unlike anything I've ever experienced. At about 3:30, i began to leak, so I did change and could not help but to,weigh the used diaper (yuck, I know) but it weighed just over 5 pounds.

    Sorry for the long post - but that was really strange for me, (in a good way)

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    Sounds like you're having a lot of fun! I'm glad that your experiences are the kind that make you think, "Why didn't I try this before?" those are the best kinds.

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    Since I don't ever actually use them (your probably groaning since I've said that a million times), I usually just use a thick bath towel to double up my prefold, then some plastic pants and usually rhumba panties do the ascetic trick.

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    The things that cause us to have problems going is,
    One= forcing it.
    two= not trusting your diaper.

    Once you know your diaper will hold without leaking that is a major breakthrough.

    from that point its relax and let it flow.

    Peeing while laying down will become easy with time.

    I have been wearing for 45 years and i now wear 24/7.

    I never get up at night i just wet my diaper and fall back to sleep.

    Keep it up and you will find that you can even wear in public and wet without anyone knowing.

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