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Thread: Well, ladies ;]

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    Default Well, ladies ;]

    I don't think any of the guys around here can really help me out here,
    but I could be wrong.
    I've always had like, super heavy painful periods, and today it was just so bad I woke up already crying. x.x
    So I was thinking about all the things I could do to stop this awful event from recurring every month until I'm 80 billion years old.

    One thing I came across was a pill called Lybrel.
    It's a birth control pill that's supposed to stop your periods.
    Has anyone heard of it or tried it or anything?
    I really would love to not have to deal with that every month ;/

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    Although I'm not a girlfriend told me that the birth control pills that prevent periods are NOT good for you at all. I dont know, she could be mis-informed but that's what she heard.

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    why not? =o

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    They're fine to have, but try seasonale, that way you only get them 4 times a year I think it is. Or try any birth control, they all help with painful periods. The only problems with the pills are that they are easy to forget.

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    Try birth control: according to my sources, you can control when they are, as long as you have about one a month, and it reduces cramps.

    I wouldn't trust something that eliminates periods. (besides pregnancy)

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    Oh I know how that is! Sometimes I can't even think it hurts so bad. I just keep popping 2 Advil every 6 hours or so during those times. Of course, you can schedule a doctor's appointment and they will prescribe you some stronger meds.

    Mom would get so suspicious if I asked her to get me birth control. I'm gonna wait until I can afford it on my own, that way I can use it for two purposes.

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    Have you had a doctor check your ovaries using ultrasound? One source of severe pain at menstruation time is ovarian cysts. My wife was dealing with pain down there when we were first married. It turned out to be a cyst large enough to need draining. If you haven't been checked out for the cause of your pain, I strongly suggest you have it done. Might only be severe cramping, but better to know for sure and have it treated if something else is the cause.


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    Mom would get so suspicious if I asked her to get me birth control. I'm gonna wait until I can afford it on my own, that way I can use it for two purposes.
    Women don't think about sex your post is impossible.

    Secondly, I'm glad I am a man. Thirdly, did anyone explain why BC is bad?

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    I take Tri-Sprintec.
    It's okay I guess, but when starting birth control there are some thing you should be aware of...
    -Birth Control makes your body think its pregnant, so for the first two months you start taking it, your cramps, mood swings, etc. will be MUCH worse. Once you get over that hump, the pros of BC far outweigh the cons.
    -If you miss even one pill, your body will get all crazy and your period may come back (for that month)
    -Birth control makes you hungry all the time. You will almost deffinitely gain weight.
    -The side effects of the shot are much worse than that of the pill. You'll gain even MORE weight (as opposed to the pill) and you'll probably get acne.
    -You're boobs will get bigger.
    -You'll be constantly horny and feel like humping everything that moves.
    If this stuff doesn't bother you, BC is probably a good option for you. You'll have light periods (and sometimes no period at all) and won't have PMS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Alex View Post
    Women don't think about sex your post is impossible.
    Think again.

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