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Thread: Looking for a New Diaper

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    Default Looking for a New Diaper

    Hey everyone!

    Recently I came out to my girlfriend and she has been really accepting and supportive and even said I could wear around/cuddle with her while padded!

    I'm looking for a decent diaper with the following:
    • Plastic backed
    • Reasonable price ($1.25 $1.75 per diaper)
    • The thicker the better
    • Discreet shipping

    What I've Tried Already
    1. Depends Protection w/ Tabs
    2. Bambino Biancos
    3. Abena M4
    4. CVS store-brand

    Thank you guys so much,

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    Debating on purchasing a pack of Abena L4 and a sample of each of the Dry 24/7 and Tena Slip Maxi.


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    Were the Abena M4s that you tried too small?

    The Dry 24/7 and Tena Slip Maxis are also good choices.

    What about Northshore Supremes? They're great, too. But, pay attention to the sizing on them because they run smaller than some of the others you've tried.

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    Have you tried Abenas before? If not I would say they are something you should try at least once in your life. They are just so unbelievably functional. Tape up well, high capacity, low leak rate, etc. My understanding is that they are not by any means the cheapest brand though. I have been hearing very good things about Snuggies as well lately which I believe are on the same price level while being baby prints (if they are available to you).

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    I have tried Abena M4s in the past and they were a bit snug. I like my diapers to run a bit large on me to tape it more securely, I don't know.

    Carboi, thank you for your response and they definitely are something everyone should try! I loved them. I just wish they weren't so medical-looking. I'd rather an all-white diaper. Which brings me to my next point: I don't like ABDL-themed diapers, however if my girlfriend can look past the babyish designs I want to try AwwSoCute diapers. They look awesome.

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    Try the NorthshoreCare Supremes. All white, except for printing down the center. But, again, pay attention to sizing because they run a little small. Best of all, if you haven't ordered from them before, if you call them or chat online with them, they will send a sample of two diapers to you for don't even pay for shipping.

    Dry 24/7 are great, too. They run large, so pay attention to sizing on them, too.

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    Oh god yeah I know. They are so sterile to put it mildly. And a diaper that doesn't fit doesn't even count! You gotta have the perfect fit. That's the whole point! (I just blanked when you said what you have worn BTW. SORRY!)

    AwwSoCutes are soo cool. They are on my ABDL diaper short list to try for sure along with Snuggies and Bambinos. Maybe Cuddlz if they don't suck as much as people say the do (they have an all white version though). I am pretty jealous that you have worn Bambinos TBH they are kind of the dream for me. What turns you off the Biancos?

    Also, let me know if you find a cheap, decent-quality all-white diaper! Haven't worn one in 20 years.

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    I'll definitely let you know. Honestly, what turns me off is the cost of Bambinos. The 2 packs of 8 (16 diapers) of Bambino Biancos (all-white) total $2.2975USD each. That's not even including shipping. Honestly if I was to continue to purchase Bambinos, I'd buy the case and save myself some money, but that won't be until I get my own place.

    As for the AwwSoCutes, they seem to be a thick, decently crinkly and all-around good looking diaper. I could do without the designs on them, but they are cute afterall. A special occasion diaper to say the least!

    For a decent and cheap all-white diaper, I usually use Depend Protection w/ Tabs. Easily purchased for your local Rite Aid pharmacy or even online. My local store sells a 12 pack (I believe) for $12.00. Thats only $1 per diaper.

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    For the price, you can't go wrong with Absorbancy Plus from XPMedical. Otherwise, Dry 24/7's are good too, but they are more expensive.

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