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Thread: I just realized that I am Genderqueer, what next?

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    Default I just realized that I am Genderqueer, what next?

    I just realized that I am Genderqueer and that I want to achieve sexual and physical androgyny.

    I don't want to become Transgender, but I don't want hyper-masculine characteristics either.

    What do I do from here?

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    The best thing I can advise you to do is to be yourself at all times and at all costs.

    I know it sounds like non advice but really there is now way to be anything.

    Im gender fluid which means at times I feel like a girl, at times I feel like a boy, at times I feel gender less and at times I feel like a combination of the above so I understand not fitting into a box.

    But there really is no way to be....anything and the only thing you can be is you.

    So I would start with finding out what clothes, hairstyles or things like that make you comfortable. You could look up pictures of other androgynous people online and find a look you think you might like.

    But you're really not going to find who YOU are by mimicking other people. Just experiment, have fun with your new identity and keep exploring who you are.


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    You live.

    Like, you don't have to do anything. Your gender is what you make of it. Decide what it is you want to do, moment to moment. If you want to wear a dress at times, go ahead. There isn't a checklist of things genderqueer people should do. If you have some particular things you want to do but aren't sure how to go about it though, we would love to help you in the right direction.

    But just as a general, "what do I do now..." ... what I said. You live. Maybe if you want something you could decide if you are okay with either pronouns or possibly prefer a they/them sort of situation. Still, in the end.. You're you! Do you things. I'm glad you understand yourself a little better now!

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    You be you and you do what you want to do, experiment and find out what you like. I remember last week being dressed as and LG in my pink footed sleeper and this week I'm in a diaper and PJ pants with a t-shirt no even indulged in my sissy/LG side. Sometimes I wear panties all day and other days I wear boxers all day. You have to find what you want to do and what you like and do what makes you happy.

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