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Thread: Cloth backed diaper with elastic waist

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    Default Cloth backed diaper with elastic waist

    Hi everyone
    I'm sure this has proberly been asked before but
    I'm looking for a cloth backed diaper / nappy with elastic waist and or leg cuffs
    I have recently tryed my first adult diaper but since I'm used to drynites I can't help but miss the snug waist that elastic gives
    Any advice would be apricated

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    Not many brands have this features your asking about for adult diapers paired to baby/toddler ones.

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    Tena stretch super has a similar stretchy waist that secures with Velcro. Super comfy! It's one of my favorite fitting diapers :-)

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    Babykins. Out of Canada. They have a heavy cotton pull on diaper with elastic waist and leg. Thwy are very absorben, durable, machine washable and come in a bariety of colors and prints. When soaked they stay up.
    I have some they are great, everything they sell is A grade.


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    I've had major issues with cloth diapers stretching out. Today I finally made packing tape belt and wrapped a piece all the way around anice and tight.... so far... huge imrpovement.

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    The new cloth-backed Tena Slip Supers has elastic waistband at the back. Not sure about the cloth Maxi though.

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