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Thread: Bambino Valentines Sale?

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    Default Bambino Valentines Sale?

    Somewhere on here, I have seen something about Bambino having a sale around Valentines Day in the past. I am planning on ordering a case of Bellisimos right now, but will hold off for two weeks if I could save 10% or more. Does anyone know the details of any past sale or have any info on whether I should expect a sale this year? Thanks.

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    I know they had one last year and I hope they have one this year, can't say for sure if they will. I wanna say they had 10% - 15% off on their diapers only. A descent savings if you are buying a case of Bellissimos!

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    They've had a valentines day sale for the last 2 years at least. Though they could just not do it again if they chose. Apparently even with them raising the prices every year they still sell enough to run out of stock, and yes they are worth it even at full price.

    A case of medium dry 24/7's is a better deal though if you don't want to wear for more then like 6, and yes even up to 15 hours at a time.

    to the OP: Just hold off until valentines day. If there's a sale it'll start before it. (Don't ask me why they put diapers on sale on valentines day. I don't think there's many people in relationships that are like "let's buy adult baby diapers for _____.")

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    This just in.... Sale starts @ midnight tonight (Feb. 12th). 5 - 15% off on select items: Tena, Quadro boost ups, TotalDry boost ups (out of ultimate) and X-Plus. I am disappointed to say the least! I have been saving my money hoping they would put Bambinos on sale (Bellissimos, Teddy). If they had the ultimate TotalDry boost ups in stock I would atleast buy those. I agree that Bambinos are worth full price but it would have been nice to save a few bucks!

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    Maybe people role play as Cupid. Cupid wears diapers while shooting arrows. Maybe Bass Pro Shops has an archery sale this weekend, too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    Maybe people role play as Cupid. Cupid wears diapers while shooting arrows. Maybe Bass Pro Shops has an archery sale this weekend, too?
    There was a local archery shop in my area that had a 25% off sale on bows, arrows, and quivers for many years on valentines day.

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    I orded my last case of Teddy in Nov of 2014, it cost $70.84

    Right now on their web site, a case of Teddy costs $79.71 ...

    totaldry plus have also gone up from $59 to $66/case in the last three months.

    that does not look like a sale to me?

    (and I see their Bellisimo are now over $2/ea by the case - wow, prices have really gone up at Bambino!)

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    Wow what a sham. I always look forward to Bambino's sales. Even the Tena Slip cases only get a 5% reduction. Still gotta stock up though

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    Default Bambino Valentines Sale?

    I've given up on bambino. It feels like a slap in the face of their customers to not have the actual Bambino diapers on sale after they had the nerve to just raise the price on them earlier without any change at all.

    They seem to be completely unaware that there are other alternatives such as the North Shore diapers, the new Snuggies, and the stuff from XP medical that is going to be competing with them now that it is starting to catch steam. I know Bambino is a niche market, and will always have customers. But for now they've lost me as a customer until they get their act together and realize that people have more of a choice in what they buy now than they did in the past.
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