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Thread: Tights with sown in plastic panties

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    Default Tights with sown in plastic panties

    I would like to find a pair of tights with
    A sown in pair of plastic panties..
    ( at the waist)I remember being
    ( Dressed into these as a child)

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    A good place to start is ebay - check it out frequently - an ABDL seller who does custom work should be able to make such a garment *
    * take a look at the sellers history and auction items for quality reference.
    And just as a closing thought you could do this on the less expensive side by simply wearing tights over plastic diaper covers - no sewing required !

    - - - Updated - - -

    Look a little further in this forum section for the Posts to: Looking For Frilly/Ruffle Tights for an AB !

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    Nanny Margaret of Cosy N Dry has made things for me that have nt been available on the CnD website.
    Might be worth sending her an email from the contact page

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