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Thread: Prepping your diapers

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    Default Prepping your diapers

    What kind of preparation do y'all do before putting on a diaper? There seems to be a lot of variation due to personal preference, so it might be interesting to hear what you guys do.

    I usually keep a drawer in my dresser filled with disposables. I'll usually take one out and fluff it up, to get rid of the "straight from the package" feel. I won't use it immediately, but I'll leave it on my bed for a little while. My mattress is heated, so when I need another diaper it will be nice and fluffy and warm. I usually only do the heating part in the evening, when the bed is heating up for my slumber, but I at least try to fluff them up when I can.

    So do any of you guys prep your diapers in any way before using them?

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    For my disposables all I do is take them out of the packs and put them in my plastic storage tub. That way they
    can decompress and kept dust free. I'll get one out and put on the bed where it can normalize before I put it on
    after my shower. I try to get my cloth diapers and boosters out and let them normalize in temp also before change.

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    On my Northshores I follow their instructions. Run my hands through the center (lengthwise) this "sets up" the leak guards. Then I fold the diaper lengthwise to form a "gutter" shape to it. After taping the bottom 2 tapes I push the inside of the diaper out to form a nice pocket then fasten the top two tapes and I am in diaper paradise.

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    I like the Northshore's pretty well. I too follow the recommendations for prepping this diaper. I still find that the padding can be a bit to hard against my male anatomy. I have found that they cause me to become a little too aware of them at bed time as well as during the day. But I still like them!!

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    For a very many years with disposables I'd stretch them out then crunch up and then flatten out the crotch to soften them up. Since northshore's posting about folding them in half lengthwise I now do that as well and find it helps make all brands more comfortable.

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    I unpack new diapers and stack them in a drawer. When I take one out, I'll stretch it, unfold and smooth out the wings, and then lay it down for a sec before putting it on. I tend to also use the diapering process to stretch it out properly, and usually adjust myself a little bit as well as pulling it snug.

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    I usually open the diaper fully, with tabs extended, then stretch the diaper from end to end to make the leak guards stand up properly, then fold it in half length wise. I do this on all my diapers, regardless of brand. It tends to loosen up the diaper a little and also makes it feel a little softer.

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    I usually wear overnight, so I'd take a bath first. I don't like getting my bed all sweaty so I make sure that I'm clean. I also make sure that my folks are asleep/occupied with the TV before I retrive a diaper from my hiding spot.

    On a side note, I tend to fluff out the diaper and unravel the standing leg guards after I put it on.

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    Yep, +1 for the stretching out and lengthways folding. I tend to keep one or two out of the pack and just loose in the drawer so they're not as compressed too.

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