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    So, if you all haven't heard or if nobody cares besides me I guess... The Wild Force Red Ranger was arrested over the weekend...

    Ricardo Medina Jr. was my favorite Red Ranger, with Sean Cw Johnson as Carter Grayson, The Red Lightspeed Ranger being my second. I grew up watching Power Rangers, and I still do today, and I remember Wild Force being one of the coolest seasons in my own opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desphiria View Post
    What'd he get arrested for?

    Feb 2, 2015, 3:07 AM ET By CORINNE CATHCART via Good Morning America
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    Power Rangers Actor Ricardo Medina Jr. Arrested For Murder

    Ricardo Medina Jr., 36, most well-known for his role on the TV series "Power Rangers Wild Force," was arrested for murder Saturday in connection to the stabbing death of his roommate Joshua Sutter.

    According to a statement released by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, Medina Jr. and Sutter, also 36, got into an argument that turned physical Saturday afternoon at the residence they shared. When Medina Jr. retreated to his room with his girlfriend, Sutter forced his way into the room. Medina then stabbed Sutter in the abdomen with a sword kept in his room. Sutter was taken to a hospital and later pronounced dead.

    Medina Jr. called 911 after stabbing Sutter, remained at the scene and was interviewed by detectives. He was arrested for murder and is currently being held at Palmdale Sheriff's station, authorities said. His bail is one million dollars, and the incident is currently under investigation.

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    Never really cared for the red ranger green/white all the way JDF. Jason David Frank best ranger ever I have both green and white ranger masks signed by him

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    Thanks Marka.. I tried to put that in, but it wouldn't let me. -_-

    JDF is amazing I love the White/Green Rangers, but not my favorite.

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    Green/white, followed by the original red are my favorite, from a coolness perspective, but I had a crush on the original blue. He was smart. Original pink and the first 2 yellows were softies.

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    I love power rangers always have amd always will since I've been watching it my whole life.It's just sad that the people who were once rangers can go and do thing to tarnish their records and power ranger history

    Quote Originally Posted by w0lfpack91 View Post
    Never really cared for the red ranger green/white all the way JDF. Jason David Frank best ranger ever I have both green and white ranger masks signed by him
    Woah nice it's pretty cool you have both mask signed

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    He's been released without charge, as his involvement in the death was deemed to be purely an act of self-defence. Despite the fact he's not been charged with any crime, it must still be an awful experience to be an innocent man who is forced into actions which lead to someone else's death.

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    I heard, but they are investigating further aren't they?

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