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Thread: Adult booster seats?

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    Default Adult booster seats?

    Does anyone now where i can get an adult booster seat for things like my home desk of eating at the table? I have a grooming table I use as my main desk and table but dont really have proper chairs so I was thinking about getting an adult booster seat idealy something cute like I would have sat in as a child/

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    When I was a kid the booster seat was the Brooklyn Yellow Pages.

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    would the largest child car booster seat work ?? just a thought .....idk

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    would the largest child car booster seat work ?? just a thought ..... I bet they make them for adults with challenges tho

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    Default is a small adult car seat that can be strapped to kitchen-type chairs, according to the third paragraph of the product discription. I'd like the added hug of the straps, but you may not like it. User height 4' 10"- 5' 8" user weight 60-130 lbs. You know, without disabled people, being AB would be a lot harder. Good thing you and I are AB and disabled, huh?

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    You could make one out of wood cheaper then that.

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    Car booster seats. One of my greatest fantasies. They are so soft and comfortable, you have something to lean your head on and I like the full body harness.

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    I do know that some school busses have "Star Seats." I know they go up to over a 100 lbs but not sure how much. They are a full 5 point harness that you can connect to a seat back frame, even though they are built for school busses you could probably fit them in a car or van.

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    In the 200# Catagory....

    Your most likely going to only fit a racing seat and belts...

    Get a fast car, take it on the track a few times, install racing one questions it...

    In the summer I drivers ride in my m5 full 6pt harnesses, feels nice and snug, Awsome!

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    cant drive, and im more loking for a boost for a chair at home

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