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Thread: Advice and tips for Tranquility ATN

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    Question Advice and tips for Tranquility ATN

    I am soon getting Tranquility ATN Briefs in large so like tips advice and ways to wear them. I couldn't afford get Molicare Super Briefs.

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    I tried to use them as an overnight diaper and found they were best back to front (leaked for me if worn normally) but if you're wearing them normally they swell up really well and feel nice. Have fun

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    I wear the mediums 3 or 4 nights a week and find them a affordable and comfortable mid-capacity diaper. As mentioned they become squishie and wonderfully jelly-like when near full capacity.

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    They leaked for me the first time I wore, but I found that when I added a booster inside I could get three good settings out of them. Now I find them a great cheaper alternative to higher end diapers.

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    I can't afford boosters of any kind till february the 28th so one month have no pads boost it.

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