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Thread: license question

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    Default license question

    I'm going for it this week (possibly monday or tuesday after class) but I would like to know what is most likely going to be done?

    I live in the US and of course each state does their stuff different but I want to know what's mostly going to be done?

    I know it'll be a 10 minute drive and i'm not going to do parallel parking and I'll need my insurance and registration for the vehicle if I pass.

    TL; DL What will be done for my driving portion to obtain my license?

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    It's braindead simple. The driving is actually just the usual turn when instructed using signals, don't speed, know how to do a 3 point turn. The only thing that will actually get you is that your car needs to have 0 ABSOLUTELY no warning lights on, check engine, gas, you name it they won't even ride with you. Adjust mirrors even if you already did in a car with no lights on and don't speed and you will have your licence.

    *edit* watch for all traffic signals, in some states they are allowed to tell you to do things against them and fail you if you don't follow the signs (ie turn left next turn and the next one is a one way street the other way)

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    Follow the examiners instruction, obeying all traffic laws in the process. If he/she tells you to pull over to the side of the road, use your turn signal before you do so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cauthon View Post
    *edit* watch for all traffic signals, in some states they are allowed to tell you to do things against them and fail you if you don't follow the signs (ie turn left next turn and the next one is a one way street the other way)
    So for example, when you turn right on red, instructor will fail you if you turn since it IS a red light?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snivy View Post
    So for example, when you turn right on red, instructor will fail you if you turn since it IS a red light?
    If there is a no right on red sign. Also most states work on points, one slip up like that probably won't fail you if you do the whole full stop for 3 seconds thing (or whatever it is your state.)

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    if you come to a full stop and signal your intentions, no, although in a driving test situation, you are not REQUIRED to turn right on red.

    Remember that you are supposed to signal a turn 100 ft in advance.

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    I always have to tell this story when people talk about taking a driving test. After I graduated from college and moved to Ohio, and stupidly didn't apply for an Ohio license until I got stopped for something, the cops not pleased with my New Jersey license. So I had to take both the written and the driving test. The written was easy, but the driving was another matter because the only car I had was my '67 Pontiac LeManns which was radically built for the 1/4 mile drag strip.

    The heads had been milled .025 of an inch, a crower cam with .5 inch lift, a 411 posi rear end, enhanced coil, mechanical distributor, jetted carb, etc and a very modified trans which came out of a Pontiac Grand Prix. And here's the interesting part: when you revved up to 7200 and shifted into 2nd, the car jumped and entire car length, tires squealing and the rear end housing pounding into the under carriage and rear seat, a thrilling experience for those sitting in the rear.

    So this grumpy older guy with a clipboard gets into the passenger seat and does his thing, pull out, turn left on X street, etc. I fire up the mini GTO and it goes, "rhumpa, rhumpada, rhumpada, rhumpada and shaking like a quarter mile drag car. I of course pretend to check the mirror, use my turn signal, and slowly as I can, pull out. It of course lurches out, chirping the rear tires. He grimaces and makes a check on his clip board.

    There are more turn right and turn left, signals used, and now I'm in a 35 mph zone, the speedometer saying something like 55. He looks at the speedometer and says, "Do you know what your speedometer says?"
    And I say, "Oh that thing? It's off because I changed the rear end gear but not the speedometer gear," trying to nonchalantly pass this off. He's having none of it.

    He says, "So how do you know how fast you're going?"
    I say, "Oh, I've figured it out by looking at my tachometer," the tack being mounted to the steering column along with an oil pressure gauge, all chrome and looking semi street legal. He grumps and clears his throat as he checks another box on his clip board.

    Then the unthinkable happens. We're getting close to the DMV, stopped at a traffic light, finally returning home but there is one more traffic light and he says, "Hurry up and make this light." Now, from a standing start I see that the next light is turning yellow and he's telling me to hurry it up and make it before it turns red, so of course, I stand on it, take it up to 7000 rpm and shift into second, the tires screeching and now the big Pontiac convertible, its top shaking, jumps an entire car length and the rear drive shaft and pumpkin hit underneath the rear seat.

    He has a look of terror on his face and I realize, as I'm shifting into third and going very fast, that all is lost, so I go screaming into the DMV parking lot and he's yelling, parallel park. I was always very good at parallel parking as I used to do driving tricks when I was in high school, so I head to the cones slowing down to 40, then 30, hit the breaks, and in one fluid motion, back and swing the car, it going "rhumpida, rhumpida, and of course, overheating at this point, right between the cones, and inch from the curb.

    Once stopped, he slams the door open, jumps out, throws the clipboard on the ground, jumps up and swears, "God dammit, you pass!"

    As God is my witness, that is the honest story with no embellishments. So I think your driving test we be a breeze as long as you don't go in a full out race car.

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    Default are my favoritest Top Contributor in the history of ADISC. you and AEsahaettr both!

    I think I will pass knowing something like that was what? 40 some years ago?

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    Here in Canada in my province the driving test is pretty brain-dead. As you said, everywhere is going to look for different things, but here the big things are speed (going over the speed limit is an instant fail), and major traffic violations (basically anything a police officer would write a ticket for). Everything else gives you points, and if you rack up enough of them, you fail. When I did mine, I lost some points for not doing a shoulder check.

    Basically don't speed, remember to signal, and try not to hit any pedestrians and you'll probably be fine.

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    All my friends said to go to the auxiliary DMV office instead of the main one as they didn't make you parallel park. Wrong! I had to. I did it. My instructor said that when you stop, come to a complete stop so that the car lurches backwards when you stop. I got dinged for not signaling when pulling away from the curb after parallel parking and for going a little too fast in a residential neighborhood. I passed.

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