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Thread: i need to figure this out about myself and other dls

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    Default i need to figure this out about myself and other dls

    Do you find yourself only wanting to wear when your very "ya know"
    then after that feeling goes away (im doing my best here to be g rated but the "after" involves another ya know to make the feeling go away ) you might be like why do i like this only when im at that point in time

    i mean after all thats happened i really dont know why i like them
    like going out and buying them i wouldn't do it if these hormones didnt push me so

    gasp what would you do about it

    ps. if this is offensive please delete it im very sorry im trying to work this out in my head

    - - - Updated - - -

    at this point in time im very confused about it to much to think about to much why why why

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    You're fine here.

    I didn't usually do it when I has "H" (how's that?) but did wear when I wanted to. It did make me "H" sometimes and I did the "M" thing, but mostly I just wore whenever I had the chance.

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    i almost wish i could just not be so highly "h" at a point in time that causes me to do stupid stuff

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    Can we please just call things what they are? The PG-13 content requirement isn't intended to have us dancing around in discussions and using "pee-pee" instead of "penis", etc. Just don't be graphic and don't make threads/posts that intend to titilate and we should be fine.

    To address your question as best I can, it's sexual (at least in part) for many, so what you're experiencing isn't uncommon. The better you accept yourself and your desires, the easier it is to integrate them overall and enjoy it before, during, and after arousal.

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    It'll get better. Trust me.

    Diapers have been a part of my sexuality since I was a teen, and perhaps even before. It's a tad uncomfortable to say, I suppose, but my first time actually getting anywhere with masturbation happened while I was wearing a diaper. That was more than 25 years ago. In those intervening years, diaper-wearing has been a regular mode of sexual release for me. The first time I did this, I was surprised and confused. As I began to understand what I was doing, I became ashamed of the diaper element, and the euphoria was often followed by self-loathing and a fear that there was something wrong with me. If not for the fact that the diapers I was using were my sister's and my old cloth baby diapers that had been kept around, I might have tossed my "stash" and tried to forget about it.

    But diapers were always around, so ignoring them was pretty difficult.

    It wasn't until about five years later, when I was in college, that I stumbled upon the first evidence of AB/DLs on the internet. I wasn't interested in discussing diapers with other people, but finding out that others existed was an important revelation, and really helped me shed the guilt. Masturbating in diapers no longer left me feeling ashamed. Rather, it left me feeling a bit disinterested -- which is pretty much par for the course with sex, whether we're talking about diapers, intercourse, or any of the million or so other ways to reach climax. I'm pretty sure that's just nature's way of making sure sex has an ending, and that the participants don't just go on until they die of exhaustion.

    So while I no longer feel guilt after using my diapers for this purpose, I do often take them off and move on to doing other things. Not always, but often.

    Was that PG-13? I'm on the fence.

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    I experienced the same thing when I was in my 20s. I think it comes with the hormonal territory. When I was horny, I would so want to be diapered and use them, and then after sexual gratification, I felt like such a fool. Like Trevor said, over time, acceptance replaces the guilt and then it becomes all enjoyment. Thank goodness for that.

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    This is a natural thing and it happens.

    I have had the same issue and just learned to deal with it.

    Have had a baby boy. I can tell you that it is natural and not any thing strange. Have been in the hospital with a Foley Catheter I can tell you that it goes up and down all of the time and you are not aware of it. So the only thing that you have noticed is that it occurs with your diaper.

    Do not fret, just deal with it. Learn to Leave it alone or what ever. One way or the other it will go away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    Can we please just call things what they are?...
    this about the PG-13 part...

    Quote Originally Posted by D1aperedIncognito View Post

    Piss, warm, sexual, penis, fluid, sperm, etc...

    May be PG-13 but just don't get explicit, you can say this stuff.

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    I have the same issue sometimes. I dont like admitting it but being little and wearing are directly connected to my sex drive. Not that I derive sexual pleasure from it just that when I'm feeling sexy the urge to wear is greater.

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    It is and probly always will be at least somewhat of a sexual thing for me and many of us here. With that said though, personally as I've gotten older I've noticed wearing and regressing has become less of a sexual thing and more of a therapeutic and relaxing activity that I simply enjoy doing (like reading or playing video games). Usually if I'm feeling "amorous" then it is more likely I'll feel like wearing and regressing however that's way less of a factor now and sometimes I'll feel like wearing and regressing simply for fun with it having nothing to do with sexuality.

    Everyone is different so nothing is guaranteed, but chances are your views of wearing and regressing will change as you do too.

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