I got a green-stick fracture of the head of my radius (arm bone). While waiting in the clinic after being x-rayed, I could tell I was pushing my luck with the alltoofamiliar warning signs. Namely, that I had to "GO! NOW!"
Unable to use my arm for anything useful, I began to panic. I have a travel bag in my vehicle, but that wasn't exactly something I could stroll out to dressed in those LOVELY hospital gowns and wearing nothing but ankle socks.
The lady came in to do the sona-gram and I asked her after she'd finished to please call the nurse for me.
Luckily, the nurse arrived 'Before', and I must've been getting blisters on my face as I explained to her my needs, and the location of my bag in my truck.

She said they couldn't go outside or retrieve anything from a person's vehicle even with permission, but was polite enough to tell me whatever I needed the clinic could provide.


So, yeah. Couldn't make it to the head 'Before', but she arrived and handed me a discreet bag containing the necessaries. Then she asked me to sit down in the wheelchair provided so she could wheel me to the head!

She must have known what abject humiliation/fear/shame looked like because she just smiled and patted my good shoulder and told me to 'Sit down, it's not like this isn't something we're used to dealing with you know?"

So, yeah. I'm able to tend to my hygiene needs, stuff the bag into the bin, and return to the wheelchair.

Except I can't fasten that side of the tabs, because I can't move that arm well enough. We get back to the exam room, I confess my inability to finish that part of the task, and she has me lay down on the table and finishes it for me.

Never imagined I'd be in a situation where that would have to be done, and I have to admit, it was beyond any measure of dignity.

If only they could've gotten me my 'Duty bag'. I have good pullups inside, that would've seen me through the rest of that E.R. visit and safely back to my own home.

Score one for humility