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Thread: Any JDM car peeps on here

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    Default Any JDM car peeps on here

    It's tax time and me and a friend are wanting to go 50/50 on a 1994 honda prelude 5 speed. It's $1500 needs a major tune up and a new distributor cap but has already been lowered and has wheels and aftermarket exaust as well as new headers, cool air intake. What we would end up doing since the interior is crap is tear it all out and run rhino lining and racing seats with a cage and harness.

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    Since you're thinking of putting in a cage, are you thinking of going drag racing with it?

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    yes and no. it will be a Street car driver, but NHRA Certified. it will actually be an all around car, 1/8 mile Drag at the Strip, Autocross, "Street Racing" (Sanctioned Street racing on private streets).

    more or less a fun little toy, JDM swap, Turbo, Nitrous,

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    But seriously...
    If/when you install a Nitrous Oxide kit, what brand will it be?

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    Zex nitrous systems. I love the nitrous express systems I had a 120 horse shot with a 5 lb bottle in my SRT4 neon always burnt out head gaskets and blew 1 motor swapped out to a zex 130 horse never had another problem delivery was smoother with higher quality nozzles

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    Damn, SRT4s are badass. A friend of mine had an EK something Civic. It wasn't a type R but it was still pretty sick. He screwed up the mass airflow sensor or something so it ran crazy rich. He was going to get a 50 hp NOS kit or something after repairing it but he had to sell it because of unforeseen financial circumstances. Makes me think where it is now... But that's off topic.
    Are you going to set up a purge line? Because they look cool in the right places (not ricer-style LED light show crap) and can, from what I've heard, make it a bit faster before a run.

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    Mine was actually a 1998 4 Door neon sport I blew the 2.0 NA Dohc by grabbing 1st instead of 3rd during a downshift. Then I found a wrecked PT cruiser dream cruiser with the DOHC 2.4 turbo and 6 speed dropped them in the neon and then put srt4 badging on it threw an HKS stage three turbo, nx system, and decimated all on the street

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