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Thread: Stupidest thing you've done this week.

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    Default Stupidest thing you've done this week.

    I stuck a lighter to my ass and farted and almost lit my pants on fire, Hbu?

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    I was helping my dad with a carpentry project and drove my drill bit head through my thumb nail it hurt so bad and still hurts my fault for having my thumb in the way though!

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    throw a fit and back talk Daddy that got me put in the corner for being a brat

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    Duality... I can't even...

    Well, I grabbed a hot pan yesterday, but that was Saturday. Unless we're still only accounting for that week.

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    Broke my toe.... Hurts like hell....

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    Tried to carry a very full cup of coffee whilst wearing a white sweater. Did not end well.

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    Tried to clean off my MP3 player by rubbing suds on it. It crashed.

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    Log into Adisc, also easter egg all my recent posts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SchrodingersSpy View Post
    Log into Adisc, also easter egg all my recent posts.
    Something tells me your in a rapping mood or rhyming mood

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