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Thread: Are there Valentines Day diapers?

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    Default Are there Valentines Day diapers?


    I've been trying to find Valentine's Day-themed diapers for my boyfriend. I checked the Bambino website and they don't have any. Are there any other diaper companies that sell printed diapers? I didn't think this would be so hard!

    He also wears plastic pants sometimes, so that could work too.

    Also, do these kinds of things usually ship discretely? Or will they come in a giant box that has ADULT DIAPERS written all over it?


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    There are a bunch of diaper companies that sell printed diapers, however there aren't any Valentine's themes. Printed diaper themes are pretty limited as it is, so I don't think you'll find a disposable diaper with that kind of print on it.

    You might find some kind of plastic pants with hearts on them, but you'll have to do some searching. That's probably your best bet.

    As far as shipping, I only ever order from Bambino or XP Medical these days (I have ordered from ABU in the past) and they always ship very discreetly. I don't know how Aww So Cute or Snuggies ship, but I can't imagine they would do anything but the highest level of discretion, knowing who their customer base is.

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    You are an illustrator! Find assume pain white diapers, and illustrate! :-)

    Bambino Biancos might be a great canvas. You can order a sample pack of 2 and go nuts drawing on them!

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    Regarding shipping discretion, I have ordered from Snuggies and the box was discreet

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    Quote Originally Posted by butterflysoup View Post
    Thanks so much guys!! I guess I'll just make my own.
    Much more personal this way anyways.. I'd suggest using a bambino bianco as a base, then using red sharpie to draw hearts all over it. Make sure you prepare them the a day or two before, so the sharpie has lots of time to dry.

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    well what i do for my girl she is a big fan printed diapers but as we all know its limited i go and buy duct tape and place it across the top from side to side where the top tapes go its cheap an it makes a diaper look fun

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