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    Hi, I'm playing lol in euw and I was gold V in last season (now I'm unranked) Just wondering if there is somebody who I can play with My mains are mid and support But I'm really suck at jungle My nick is Toxic Snow
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    Your ranked level is a bit above me since I still have yet to even play ranked myself. None of the less, don't let that hinder some possible fun that we can have playing the game. If you're on NA servers, go ahead and add me. TintedCorn is my summoner name. (yes, it's different from my site name.) I mainly play ARAM, but I am looking into playing ranked here very soon when I can figure out how to go about Jungle. I prefer top, but during season 4 I was able to understand how to jungle and liked that over all the other lanes.

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    Yeah. I just realized what I had posted and noted that you had already mentioned there you were on a different server. Most apologies.

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