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Thread: pink cloth diapers?

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    Default pink cloth diapers?

    i have been wanting to get some cloth diapers for the wife, i saw one on tumbler(with a women wearing it) that looks like what i want for her, its very thick and pink, i wish i could post a picture but wont due to forum rules. anyway i have been trying to find where to buy that particular product and havnt found where to do so.
    so i guess im asking for web sights that sell cloth adult diapers, preferably pink in color..thanks for the help

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    They're going to be hard to find. About the only place I can think of is Dependeco. They have PUL diapers in
    solid pink The other option would to be buy cloth diapers and then dye them.

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    Another option would be the Baby Pants training pants. They sell a solid pink, pink + butterflies, pink + kittens, and many others. The "My First" style is quite thick. Be sure to account for shrinkage if you go this route.

    Of course, to use these like diapers, she'd need a cover or plastic panties. If all you're trying to do is give her padded butt, though, then these will certainly do that!

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    get a red color piece of fabric new of course place it in the washer with the white cloth and voila you have a pink white cloth . Or just skip cloth and get the dc amor pink plastic backed ones instead. kidding of course you want cloth for those who will attack me for not saying what this person wants geez!

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