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Thread: Bambino skipped my order...

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    Unhappy Bambino skipped my order...

    So I placed an order through bambino three weeks ago and it was marked shipped. I emailed them and they told me that it was packaged and never left the warehouse and was skipped over.. I've been waiting so long, this anticipation is killing me... :/

    How long does their shipping usually take?

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    I have now ordered from them twice and both times they were incredibly FAST

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    Definitely not the norm when ordering from Bambino. Sounds like an occasional fluke incident. Typically Bambino's lightning fast and efficient with orders. I actually ordered a case from them yesterday morning and when I got back this afternoon it was waiting on my porch!

    As with all businesses, there can be periodic oversights. Don't worry because the wait will be worth it!

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    Remember - just like you, the folks at Bambino are human and might make a mistake here and there. They are the most reliable company out there and don't worry, your order will get to you.

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    Default Bambino skipped my order...

    I'm a little worried by the price constantly going up at bambino, while the features/numbers of diapers themselves has stayed completely the same. Also their constant issue with stocking problems is still shaky. I also had an order that was messed up not too long ago, so I'm beginning to search for alternatives unfortunately.

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    They've shipped cross country for me in about 4 days in the past. Now that they discovered it, it should come pretty quickly.

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    That's what I figured, just an accident, humans are well... humans, things happen.. Hopefully it gets here fast though, from what it sounds like it should only be a couple days!

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    I'd agree with Maxi, everyone makes mistakes. Bambino has a very good track record here. Remember, you'll hear from 95% of the people that have a problem, and 5% of the people that don't have a problem. And we almost never hear of someone having a problem with them.

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    I've ordered from Bambino regularly before and, because I live across the bay from them, the free ground shipping usually means I get my order the next day. Every post I have seen about them has almost always praised their customer service and lightning fast ship times, with the gripes almost always being about keeping things in stock and available.

    With regards to them being able to keep items in stock, you have to remember that they are in a niche market, so sales predictions are not that easy to do. Because of that, they only want to order so much at a time to keep costs controlled, and once they order product, it takes weeks of time to manufacture and ship it here from overseas. If it turns out their sales predictions are low, then they have to wait a full order cycle (because likely there is already another shipment en route) before they can up their order quantity. On top of that, they are much more subject to the whims of the economy as printed diapers are almost always a luxury item that people buy when they have the free cash, as opposed to the more stable incontinence market where people will still need to buy, no matter what happens with the economy.

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    Bambino is pretty quick about it's shipping. Usually lol. My packages I usually order take about 2 days to get to my suite or my home address. Though the people at snuggies did a quick job as Bambino but that's probably because it was just a sample. 2 days is pretty fast in my opinion but that might just be because I'm in Texas. I'm not sure how fast it would take if I was in another state.

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