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Thread: Pokemon ORAS Nuzlocke or Wonderlocke?

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    Default Pokemon ORAS Nuzlocke or Wonderlocke?

    So I've started Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and I want a little more challenge to my game. I can't decide between a regular Nuzlocke, a Wonderlocke, or some other Nuzlocke variants. I want to hear your ideas on some fun and challenging self imposed rules.

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    I always play the first time by the same rules, only the cutest water pokemon allowed on my team. Vaporeon does make the game a bit easy every time, so I wouldn't play with her if you want it tough.

    Outside of that asylocke is always fun.

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    Well, there's a site for finding these sorts of things, I do believe. This is the site that I'm using to pick what I'll do for the second version I'm getting :

    Hope you find this useful!

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