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Thread: i diapered my wife last night!

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    Default i diapered my wife last night!

    I diapered my wife for the first time ever last night! She looked cute in it. We just cuddled and talked about my fetish. She's not into it but she was cool with me diapering her!

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    That is wonderful. What did she have to say about how it felt and whether she liked it?
    Even though I am very thankful that my wife lets me wear a diaper to bed and use a pacifier, I would still be in heaven if she would let me diaper her.

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    I have to say that I'm the baby in my house, but great that you have a participating wife

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    What kind of diaper? Maybe something less bulky if she tries again.

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    ABU sissy. She said don't bother spending extra money for smaller diapers. She said she would wear for me now and then. All that

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyBride View Post
    She said it was too bulky :-)
    That's funny! An Abu is too bulky (LOL).
    Yes and maxi pads feel like "diapers", that one makes me laugh too! Don't take this the wrong way, I'm not being mean. You should put her in a Bambino and ask "is this one too bulky?". Congrats by the way! It's awesome to have a partner willing to participate every now and then. Don't forget to do something special for her!

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    Going to try it for Valentines Day Weekend. She gets one day for herself, I get one for me. Big experiment this year...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyBride View Post
    ABU sissy..... All that

    Yeah those things make so much noise I sometimes wonder if they could make someone deaf if they wear them long enough! (sarcasm)

    That aside I am happy to hear things are going to be extra special for you and your wife this valentines day!

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    im lucky enough to diaper the wife most nights and some days..underjams, goodnights, always disceet, bambino bellisimo, and snuggies lately..not sure how i manged to land a smoking hot ab/dl for a wife who is as much into the fetish as i am...

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