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Thread: difference in tena maxi slips

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    Default difference in tena maxi slips

    hey guys so i was looking at tena maxi slip on walgreens and amazon and noticed that they dont have the same purple details and all that stuff that the tena maxi slip diapers I've seen here is there a difference between the american and european tena maxi slips ? and if so i dont care about design but are they less absorbent ?

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    The ones available at places like walgreens are the americanized version of Tena, they usually don't use the word slip in them. I find them less absorbent and overall less quality than the european. On amazon, the photo for the tena slip maxi shows a breathable brief, but the description says plastic backed and its sold by Bambino Diapers which still have plastic backed on their main website. Amazon also has the american version of Tena briefs, but they won't have the slip in the name. I didn't really come across being impressed when I wore the non-slip ones, but I don't wear much cheap diapers anymore because I don't like frequent diaper changes or leaks. I would say the slip ones are more mid range and the tena american ones are lower end, probably comparable to a lot of the prevail ones that are out.

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